Chelsy the queen of harry’s heart

December 18, 2010 by Chelsy  
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In spite of what conveys the English press is Chelsy an intelligent, generous& Beautiful young lady and who makes with the prince harry A charming couple


10 Responses to “Chelsy the queen of harry’s heart”
  1. mymyn34 says:

    @Englishgyrl lol
    you just give me the idea
    I’ll make a video soon!
    where you will get to write your name!
    it will be on Harry and all those who think Prince Harry is their prince of heart
    they will have need to write their name or peuso!
    we’ll have a chuckle!!!

  2. Englishgyrl says:

    This headline makes me sad. Better it would be with my name :) .

  3. bjabja2308 says:

    Oh she and William pass better together they are both so beautiful. I wish William could have too a woman like Chelsy!!!

  4. aaliyahangel79 says:

    thank you!

  5. mymyn34 says:

    I totally agree with you!

  6. aaliyahangel79 says:

    that’s all that should matter!

  7. aaliyahangel79 says:

    she has great personality. smart and pretty!

  8. mymyn34 says:

    I am sorry the English title of the song is “Amazing ” sung by JANELLE

  9. mymyn34 says:

    the song I had chosen was: Etonnant
    sung by JANELLE
    but I do not know why it is unfortunately not appeared on youtube!!!!!
    (sorry for mistakes i am french)

  10. snakelared says:

    Was this suppose to have any sound to it?

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