Prince William gets new marriage proposal

December 10, 2010 by Chelsy  
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A Finnish broker offered Prince William his daughter’s hand in marriage when the Royal visited a City trading floor. . Follow us on twitter at .


11 Responses to “Prince William gets new marriage proposal”
  1. lakalanikanamali says:

    Finest Be Naughty women

  2. Kinkspace says:

    You know what’s wrong with this video, the title, some reference to Nero fiddling while Rome burns would be far more appropriate. I think you will find few give a monkey arse whether William has another marriage proposal when they are facing eviction and loss of everything including their dignity. Its insulting to the British public.

  3. zocc116 says:

    pay for the little nazy’s wedding and stand in line,while the lizard queen eats your children…i guess, Britain is not so Great anymore.

  4. nobodymuch says:

    Shallow celebrities. Don’t give to their charities.

  5. Kinkspace says:

    @slonamu Everything is too damn high, especially the rilling elites expectations of we the people, its gone too damn far.

    I believe in the new world order, the NWO of we the people! Lets own it, they have not proved they are worthy.

  6. slonamu says:

    Yea ! The rent is too damn hight!

  7. jlya2012 says:

    Off with their heads!





  9. Kinkspace says:

    This is soooooo NOT OKay! Its just wrong!

  10. Kinkspace says:

    One days trading goes to charity… we would not need charities if we had a healthy society.

    Get out of the dreamscape FFS!

  11. Kinkspace says:

    Sick, people cannot afford to eat, cloth their children or keep warm, many are loosing their homes, there is no social housing for them to go to. And they go to a fancy dress party on a trading floor… and they expect us to pay for the wedding FUCK YOU! Assholes!

    Apologies for the bad language, but Hellooooooo! Reality check here!

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