Prince William gets wings from Prince of Wales

December 24, 2010 by Chelsy  
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Prince William has moved one step closer to becoming an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot. . Follow us on twitter at


25 Responses to “Prince William gets wings from Prince of Wales”
  1. HSXgirl says:

    I’m an American who spent three years in London and can tell you wholeheartedly that I’d rather have a bit of reverence for a British Queen from a long line of historical Heads of State than the American obsession with celebrities.

  2. HSXgirl says:

    @browncello True. But it makes folks feel good to say that the British Royal Family is taking millions from needy mouths in the UK to support themselves. Trust the Windsor wealth has very little to do with tax revenue! Meanwhile, any citizen from Europe can enter Britain and apply for benefits of all sorts and they do. That’s what should worry the Brits.

  3. browncello says:

    @calicheSCOT I’ve got news for you. Life is not fair, and we are not all equal. Further, the idea that the British taxpayer spends millions upon millions of pounds each year in support of the monarchy is just plain false. And even if it were true, exactly how much money would you venture to guess an elected “president” would require by way of the taxpayer?

  4. Traynor921 says:

    @calicheSCOT I understand what you’re saying and to a large extent I agree with you. But as a history student in Scotland you learn that the royal family is an integral part of British society. Of course I don’t like the lives of luxury they live and of course I’m not going to try and justify it’s existence. Just a comment on the fact that history is important and if we got rid of them, well, I would dread to have a Republic.

  5. calicheSCOT says:

    I regularly insult the Queen and all I usually hear is agreement. I’m sure people do hope to see the silly old wench, im not refuting that, but It’s simply not the case that people come here just to see her. I have no problem with having a head of state, but I have a massive issue with one who we have to pay millions a year with no talent to merit her position, simply the privilege of her birth. You can’t have that in a equal society.

  6. mc0558 says:

    @calicheSCOT Firstly, you insult Britain when you insult our Queen. If you said that here you’d get it! Secondly, millions of people hope when they come to England to see the Queen. Why not? Is it going to give you cancer? Are you hurting anybody?

    The Queen occupies a governmental position very like the president of Germany or Italy. Do you despise them too? She’s our chief of state. That fact that she is also sovereign has little practical meaning in ordinary life.

  7. mc0558 says:

    @tamaratch Hear! Hear!!

  8. mc0558 says:

    If you have low self-esteem, then I suppose royals are a threat to you sense of self worth. But that is not their doing. Royals don’t feel superior. Indeed knowing their own failings and how far they are from the perfection expected of them, they have self-esteem issues themselves.
    Everybody is equal; everybody has to win his place in this world. Anybody who thinks he can get a free ride in life is heading for a rude awakening.

  9. tamaratch says:

    well, do not be a blind fool. YOu really think I would come to UK to see you or to see the Queen’s birthday in June, for example? And if you do not understand that ruining the traditions is bad, I feel sorry for you. Hope, that your alikes are minority part of people, and Englad will stick to the traditions.

  10. calicheSCOT says:

    @tamaratch Dont be a moron, do you honestley believe people are stupid enough to go on holiday to London thinking they will get to sit down with the queen for a cup of tea and a biscuit? No they dont, people visit the UK for the attractions not some stupid old trollop. I think you’ll find those estates are paid for and subsidised by the tax payer too. Yeah and Russia is a paradise under capitalism isnt it? Sticking to tradition is very bad, it locks out social mobility and equality.

  11. tamaratch says:

    they earn millions of pound by attracting the tourists to the country, plus they have huge estates that earns their incme too. And as you love so much working classes I need to invite you to come to Russia and let you see what this stupid and despicable idea did to the country – I bet you run back to ald good England as fast as you can and forgetall the pro-communists thoughts forever. Do not ruin good things to create bad. Stick to your traditions and be happy.

  12. calicheSCOT says:

    @tamaratch They earn our tax money. Why would I be jelous of the worst benefit scroungers in our country? They just leech the hard-earned money of the working classes to live in the lap of luxury. Dispicable. I have a thousand times more respect for the man who collects our bins, at least he earns his income.

  13. tamaratch says:

    you are too jealous… it is soooo obvious. And they earn far much more money thatn you pay in your taxes.

  14. playfulcinda says:

    @braingain1 So true. Historically they did fight in, and lead battles. For example: In the 1400′s Henry Tudor VII singlehandedly killed King Richard III, picked up the crown that fell off the dead kings head, held it up and placed it on his own head. Hence the new King. Now all the Royals do, is live a life of undeserved luxury, and they’re not even ENGLISH! They are of German descent, excluding William and Harry who’s mother was full blood English.

  15. grobo11 says:

    @DrYenisun LOL!

  16. JuanMacready says:

    @DrYenisun His grandfather Prince Philip went bald early, as did Diana’s father.

  17. vamos1401 says:

    What a crock. You are just so jealous. Get with the program!

  18. Wauzie1996 says:

    He’s taller than his dad, great! :-)

  19. astridbelge says:

    wait to see how equality and freedom will be threatened by kaity waity joins the filthy club.

  20. calicheSCOT says:

    Cordial relations between other nations do not require privilege. They are nothing less than a threat to our very constitution, promoting inequality and merit through birth alone, which arguably has effected our development as a modern nation. We do not need to spend vast sums on these people for purely aesthetic reasons when one in five of us live in poverty. You can reform Council Tax and Government, but not this over privileged and frankly embarrassing institution.

  21. wurzal43 says:

    The Royal family act as poles of strength between our nation and others. They bring joy to many millions of people around the World. They offer stability with their long history. Also only a portion of our Taxes pay for the Royal family. What about all our money spent on administrating the Council Tax, or the rising cost of Government?

  22. DrYenisun says:

    how come hes losing his royal hair?..must be all the stress of doing F@ck all…

  23. Jjay7 says:

    good point!

  24. Ashyboy1992 says:

    To right !

  25. calicheSCOT says:

    @Ashyboy1992 I’m referring to the Royal family. I regard them as an equal threat to equality and freedom as any terrorist organization. The difference is that I pay tax money to kill the Taliban, but i pay the Royals to live a life of self importance and luxury.

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