harry &chelsy beautiful couple

January 7, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Harry et Chelsy se trouvent dans l’amour, je pense que c’est si beau! couple cette vidéo célébrer son amour …..


10 Responses to “harry &chelsy beautiful couple”
  1. englishgainer says:

    She’s like that ‘bad’ girl in an american soap opera who u just love to hate

  2. andrew8833 says:

    That being Leeds University I mean of course.

  3. mymyn34 says:

    @ Pineapple1969 I think that you have be right, they are still young.
    but I find them so cute!!!!I’ll make a new video of Harry & Chelsy soon

  4. pineapple1969 says:

    I absolutely love these two together. I know they are quite young still but i do hope they eventually marry.

  5. jsmith44889 says:

    Your so very very very sad lol!

  6. mymyn34 says:

    i love so much harry too!

  7. jeadea143 says:

    i love u harry!!!!!!!!!

  8. mymyn34 says:

    I love also really hugely prince harry !
    I think William and Harry would do good kings to england ;they are very good Everything them two.
    (sorry for mistakes)

  9. carmengonz1 says:

    Harry has more brains than the golden boy. He should be King not William.

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