Prince William & Kate – Prince Harry & Chelsy

January 8, 2011 by Chelsy  
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  1. SuperTruth77 says:

    There was an old guy lived on our road who was really excited about the wedding- a really fervent royalist.

    Sadly he was found dead in his bathroom last week after neighbours were alerted by the smell- he’d actually died a couple of weeks ago. Apparently his dog was locked in there with him. Driven crazy with hunger, he’d actually started to eat the guy, so that the whole scene was a hideous mess of decayed flesh with dog’s excrement and vomit.

  2. TheJUNGLESURFER says:

    @bearbagley well said

  3. CorporateMonsters says:

    The half-wit wants a wife, the half-wit wants a wife
    Ee – I – Addio – The half-wit wants a wife

  4. mnewimwlk says:

    the english are arrogant, pasty-faced, snaggletoothed, inbred bridgetroll, pussy pieces of shit…..but shes actually pretty…cheers!

  5. CRUNKnBehindert says:

    the both royals would diserve better….. chelsy doesnt even care about harry. and kate and william…. well we all know what “whore” (im sry) she is. she can just smile stupid in cameras. -.-

  6. TheTruthseeker80 says:

    Why are you people so shallow? Its not all about the “looks” but besides that, they’re beautiful. ??

  7. pk13285 says:

    i m sorry for my comments

  8. fwd1976 says:

    @pk13285 hahahahaha y shoul i feel jealous. i got my 2 beautiful kids and my prince charming.

  9. reemaah123 says:

    I love Prince
    And I love his mother, Diana
    I hope not know him and come to Kuwait to have

  10. skylon6 says:



  11. 2244blahblahblah says:

    @bearbagley you’re hating on them for being born into a family they did not choose. how sad. it’s even more pathetic that you want them to work at mcdonalds. they’re rich and famous, get over it.

  12. bettiep says:

    Wow kate and william make a great couple! She’s so lucky cause he’s pretty hot!

  13. RattleMyZipper says:

    poor Harry, you think your mum would approve of the whore you’re tied to? nada, that’s one chiquita that’s in it for the gold…dump her after a few uses bloke!

  14. marthaamarie says:

    Love them<3


  15. shoseki says:

    William : Are you dating me just cos I is a prince?
    Kate : LOL maybe

  16. melodyhtoo says:

    @bearbagley they r princes. whether they r handsome or not, if they want they can get most beautiful girls..

  17. mastior says:

    @SovereignBeing Is AVATAR a True Story ?

  18. mastior says:

    YES just look at how the Peasants Treat The People they put on The
    Royal PULPIT

    78% TAXs Something isn’t right I’d rather be where HARRY is Best food best entertainment best hospitalities Chauffeurs Maids Butlers Grounds Keepers SEC
    Isn’t that GRAND such MERRIMENT, GAIETY, FUN & FROLICKING. Prince Harry says Thank You SERFS. I’m sure I’ll LOVE MY YAGHTS TOO All My Retreats MY many Castles, NOW get out of my Castle. Imagine that 78% tax base just to cut Prince Henry’s lawn HarryArche ACRES

  19. mastior says:

    @SovereignBeing What about the Alledged Nephilim’s.

  20. mastior says:

    @SovereignBeing I read about this subject. You are Sooo Right about POLITICAL GANGSTERS.
    What are your thoughts on these POLITICAL REPTILES ?

  21. jenjenCERENO says:

    I think the ugly side of the princes..they got from their father… both physical and values..

  22. jenjenCERENO says:

    They’re not that ugly..its just that..they are the most beautiful women that the princes could ever find. btw.. Prince Harry’s kinda HOT… :)

  23. mastior says:

    @SovereignBeing Anunnaki ? Nibiru ? you seem to know more about that.
    I have never witnessed one.

  24. mastior says:

    @fwd1976 hahahahahahaha they are jews

  25. Pakielnia says:

    Charles and sons on vacation :

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