Trooping of the Colour June 12, 2010

March 12, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Complete with Music. The Queen, Phil the Greek, William, Andrew, Charles, Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie, and Camilla


17 Responses to “Trooping of the Colour June 12, 2010”
  1. conn8d2007 says:

    @shinymcshineshine Thank you so much for watching, and for such a nice comment :) (your traditions are awesome)

  2. conn8d2007 says:

    @dmhall77 Yes! All the band was great though, but as a horn player I am biased towards them! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. shinymcshineshine says:

    Thanks for uploading the video. Nice to see an American who appriciates our traditions.

  4. dmhall77 says:

    french horn off da chain

  5. conn8d2007 says:

    @buff0266 Yes most of the time, but especially because I was hanging out with a friend…so it was mostly us talking during the event and having a good time.

  6. conn8d2007 says:

    @flygweilo Thanks for watching and commenting!

  7. buff0266 says:

    do you always talk while taking a video?

  8. conn8d2007 says:

    @Eddie123xyz Thank you and thanks for commenting :)

  9. Eddie123xyz says:

    Great clip. Thanks for posting.

  10. flygweilo says:

    Thanks for posting this – hope you enjoyed the Trooping, and indeed your whole stay in the UK.

    - Englishman in Hong Kong

  11. conn8d2007 says:

    @Trustisaliability well as a so called “yank” I really enjoyed this event. But I just think that Americans and Brits have different kinds of ceremonies. Thanks for watching and commenting!

  12. Trustisaliability says:

    The Yanks can go on and on about their superior weapons and number of men, but they will NEVER pull off anything close to this.

    Its moments like this that make me proud to be British.

  13. fitnessisgood4u says:

    @conn8d2007 Good stuff!! I was on bass drum in the Irish Guards. It was a good parade this year, it always helps when the weathers not too hot!!! Take care.

  14. conn8d2007 says:

    @fitnessisgood4u yeah, I play French horn! Thank you so much for watching and commenting!

  15. fitnessisgood4u says:

    Great video!! Good quality. I guess you are into French horns!!!

  16. conn8d2007 says:

    @animesis your welcome! thanks for watching and commenting!

  17. animesis says:

    Thanks for Posting!! Lovely range of the different parts of the day! I cant watch the actual thing because Im not in the UK at the moment :(
    So many many thanks!!

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