Dan Bull – Troop Commander Wales

April 16, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Buy or download Dan Bull’s debut album Safe from www.myspace.com Download the MP3 of Troop Commander Wales: www.mediafire.com Follow Dan on Twitter: www.twitter.com Connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com Song about Prince Harry’s imminent departure to the frontline in Iraq. By Dan Bull. Instrumental – Some thing by C Ray Walz. C Ray Walz, Dan Bull and Prince Harry. Tagging it up to get up the listings IRAQ ROYAL WAR PRINCE HARRY. Might as well mention Prince William aka Wills too. Princes William & Harry. Dan Bull. C Ray Walz. …Stephen Colbert? www.myspace.com/danbull


25 Responses to “Dan Bull – Troop Commander Wales”
  1. SupermarketsRevil says:

    @BritishPatriot3 lolololol u mad

  2. alunhughes147 says:

    @SuperLazyharry The Prince of Wales was killed by the English in 1282

  3. SuperLazyharry says:

    He is called Wales because his father is the prince of Wales it just their second name, It’s weird I know

  4. alunhughes147 says:

    What is this calling him Wales crap…..he is English….he has nothing to do with that lovely country

  5. BritishPatriot3 says:

    all you guys can fuck off, show some fucking respect!!!!!

  6. MrFiendster says:

    @ocean3da say that to their face… What about Afghanistan?

  7. fazalfarooq1 says:

    @fleajr1 what do you mean ‘never find out’

  8. Turtawz says:

    @mrstarleonard They say a man who fights in war doesn’t like to talk about it. I also doubt a grown man would type the way you do.

  9. mrstarleonard says:

    @Turtawz dick head i have u ass

  10. JackedHammer says:


    You’re right, it is hippies that are wrong. It is not war that causes hatred and terrorism. Bombings and killings of millions of innocent people is just for the fun of it, right? It’s not people take revenge for wars and death that causes more wars and more death.

    There are advantages to war though they come at the cost of human lives. The only time that people strive to work together is when they are fighting a common foe. We need to find methods of working and living together.

  11. Turtawz says:

    @mrstarleonard Go fight in one, then come back and say that.

  12. mightywindmill102 says:

    Herp derp I criticise the Army while not fully understanding what its purpose is and would never say it to any soldier’s face hurrrr

  13. mrstarleonard says:

    @ocean3da i love war lool war is kool

  14. mrstarleonard says:

    wow i love war war is koooool

  15. Liam0125 says:

    @arbeitsscheuer Well clearly your a retard.. name a war won through speaking with eachother?
    and name what they gained?

  16. arbeitsscheuer says:

    @Liam0125 Well clearly you DON’T understand history then. Congrats.

  17. Liam0125 says:

    @kjelli He didnt stay in a bunker all day rofl? but he did have like 12 people protecting him LOL

  18. kjelli says:

    well he sat protected in a bunker all day yeah real war hero!

  19. kjelli says:

    well he sat protected in a bunker all day yeah real warhero!

  20. Liam0125 says:

    @nilbud you pacifists wouldnt be here without the army and I said my personal opinion. This is how I understand history and I think you hippies is everything what is wrong with the world.

  21. renegadeawesome says:

    it sad that we pulled out to leave england to clean up our mess.
    god job dan, as always. keep going.

  22. nilbud says:

    @Liam0125 Your limited understanding of history is nonsense. Stick to fucking your mother.

  23. trvius says:

    Murderer Murderers not Murders.

    You morons.

  24. Liam0125 says:

    @ocean3da Although you are right pacifists do sometimes win but that’s only lately with the politics and all.
    BUT if history has taught us anything, then it would be that only war can settle issues not speaking with eachother.
    Goverments only give into pacifics because they don’t want to loose the support of the other hippies that they so hopefully need (and might I say, most of them are women and that makes up around 50% of the population) meaning they must give in…

  25. ocean3da says:


    If you think about war and conflict, which few people ever do, there is a moral ground for not wanting to serve your country and to avoid killing innocents. There will always be the few trigger happy guys out there, the world over. Am I not right? I am a pacifist in many ways, I have no interest in killing anyone.

    I dislike the military and war, yet history proves just too much, doesn’t it.

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