Have I Got News For You – The Royal Wedding

April 28, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding


9 Responses to “Have I Got News For You – The Royal Wedding”
  1. simplic1000 says:

    Um… Scottish.

  2. xxdunkalixx says:

    God damn it, I can hardly understand the Irish fucker.

  3. northbeachfilms says:

    this sis hilarious! thank you for posting. we don’t get this in the USA, and i don’t own a tv anyway.

  4. Budfrog23 says:

    Classic … HIGNFY is simply the best program on TV !!

  5. latehare1 says:

    @Simm2Dimm yes I do think people would still visit England if it weren`t for the royal family. Tourists come because they are intererested in our history and want to see the buildings connected with that history. I don`t think for one minute they get on a plane to come and see the actual Royal family.

  6. The1620 says:

    @latehare1 don’t be silly……………

  7. Simm2Dimm says:

    @latehare1 it mite be tempting to think that…but how many ppl do you really think would visit England if it weren ‘t for the Royal Family…..i think if u really work it out….u may realize that what u spend on them is a fraction of what they bring in…..but then i cud be wrong.

  8. latehare1 says:

    The royal family are a drain on the nations resources and they really don`t care! In the recession it really is rubbing people`s noses in it.

    This episode of HIGNFY is hillarious!

  9. cofpaddy says:

    It’s bad enough 2 million people are unemployed but there’s going to be 6 months of the TV being shite [more shite than usual]

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