interview Kate Middleton und Prinz William

April 27, 2011 by Chelsy  
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6 Responses to “interview Kate Middleton und Prinz William”
  1. LadyWales says:

    I do not like it, if the translator is a woman, even if a man’s speaking.

  2. faz40 says:

    prince will..i…am was cut from dianas womb on the pagan druidic summer solstice 21st june 1982….6x6x6=216….21st june…=216..the omen movie was released 6,61976……exactly 6 yrs to the month he was born…omen 3 released 12 months before he was born….dec 21st.=.6 months from his birthdate.he will be worshiped by many when he is king of the reformed eu roman empire and will cancel the worlds debt..”no? man rich or poor will buy nor sell lest he recieve the mark of the beast”

  3. cluo100 says:

    viel abgenommen hat sie jetzt,wohl der ganze hochzeitsstreß.

  4. cluo100 says:

    400 euro hat das blaue kleid gejostet,ist jetzt auch ausverkauft

  5. cluo100 says:

    sie wird bestimmt die nächste stil-ikone,guten modegeschmack hat sie ja

  6. cluo100 says:

    owei,ist Kate nervös in diesem Interview…sie beißt sich immer wieder auf die Lippen..

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