Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

April 28, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Find out if the newest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, can hang with the best of the series. Great review of the film!


25 Responses to “Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
  1. GoodKnightFilms says:

    @alchemistxp2 but the cave is supposed to be scary and the battle even in the book, the whole thing lasted a chapter, thats all. they purposely took it out because of the big battle to take place in deathly hallows only 2 films later. if they did it in hbp, its take away the dramatic effectbecause in words its fine but on screen would look too huge:p

  2. ShaneBeacham says:

    One of them looks like Edward Norton.

  3. LuckeMasse says:

    Harry Potter will have 8 movies and that has to be a record.

  4. THEDOG13579 says:

    Rocky? That has 6 movies.

  5. lollipopyumness says:

    great review.

  6. MiiDylan says:

    hahaha what wrong with daniels hair in the pic…he looks weird in those clothes

  7. M15CY says:

    all that works up to the end of the 7th. youll be happy when you see the end of part 2 of the deathly hallows. the 7th movie is going to be badass with epic battles and death all over.

  8. alchemistxp2 says:

    the movie was beautiful, i loved their acting but i hated the last 30-40 minutes of this movie. the horcrux cave was so dark and the dead people scared the shit out of me, i liked that part. i really wanted the battle at the end because the trailers make it look like such an epic battle but all we see is Belliatrix destroying the great hall…WTF? i think the death eaters got away to easily and Harry vs Snape was quick and lacked emotion. it could have been so much better

    oh the disappointment

  9. didsomebodysayme says:

    popularity doesn’t mean quality.

  10. alkabirj says:

    nah, but still, you can’t actually fool the consumers like the millions of people who actually love harry potter books and movies. you can’t say that those people were actually driven by ads and promotions. how about the awards and ratings? those things are not based on ads/promotions or what you call popularity. popular things that actually sells are the ones that are the best. popular ones that doesn’t is like George Bush.

  11. 2kiler says:

    Did you red Harry Potter books ?

  12. Qaosbringer says:

    school, school about what? harry potter can be bestseller or blockbuster, i don’t deny that. everything can be bestseller, because selling is about popularity. you don’t need to be the best thing in entire world, just be popular, and sell. that’s the world system.

  13. alkabirj says:

    Then how come they’ve became best sellers and blockbusters? Go back to school jackass!

  14. Qaosbringer says:

    harry potter books sux. they are just replica of lotr and little vampire stories. movies are worse. The best thing is Alan Rickman. Rest is terrible.

  15. Jballa497 says:

    pause at 6:18

  16. reallytiny09 says:

    I totally agree with these guys about the acting, and cinematography, they did an excellent job with what they were given. But the story quite simply sucks. I don’t care about the characters except for a few minor ones, and none of the characters are even slightly dynamic I am continually surprised what becomes popular.

  17. MegaBootyHunter says:

    Best movie of HP yet! Bring on DH Part 1 and 2 :)

  18. spartin13 says:

    i wasn’t trying to brag sad shit. i was just saying to emphasize how shitty this move is, like you. :) Also, read more. i never said i get into movies for free, just this one i did. Cus my friends (assuming you know what that means) wanted to see it and i dint so they offered to pay. Im cool like that :) . now im bragging ;) .

  19. zoerickard says:

    AmeliƩ! pronounced am-eh-lee!!!

  20. bettepuz says:

    I Think that the man in the midldle is very smart.. he want’s to see the movie twice.. i saw it over a week ago and again yesterday!! I think it is the best of all the movies! I allmost cried!!

  21. popandlock89 says:

    I totally agree with you, plus the transitions in the movie was rushed.

  22. KronDesigns says:

    reason why people saying its crap is because it doesnt have as many things happening in the movie as the others did. theres a total of about 3 things that happen in the movie; dumbledoor dying, the finding out of voldemort’s soul items, and the little inner developement of malfoy as a character…and that all stretched over 3hrs….those things happen in 30mins of any good drama series.
    having said that i did like the movie alot as i realy like english made drama’s having grown up watching them

  23. 2tomr says:

    Half blood prince is great every1s saying that its crap but its a huge improvment from the order of the pheonix which was good but half blood prince was better. they get better everytime.

  24. edocsil222 says:

    here are the hp movies from best to worst for me.
    Order of the Pheonix
    Goblet of Fire
    Prisoner of Azkaban
    Chamber of Secrets
    Sorcerer’s Stone
    And last and horribly behind:
    Half-blood prince
    It was a drama! I was hoping for more than two scenes of action. maybe 3.5 out of 5

  25. Reijerkolle says:

    i dont give a shit about harry potter. i hate faggots like u who try to show off that u get into movies for free.

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