Prince Harry 2010 – Missing in British Columbia Canada – BBC News

April 10, 2011 by Chelsy  
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(Kindle eBook) Bushwhack – – a serial story of off trail hiking in the pacific northwest (Paperback Book) Bushwhack – Breaking News Prince Harry, during an unannounced visit to British Columbia, Canada, has been reported as missing. Participating in an off-trail hike, also known as a bushwhack, the Prince was part of a group of trekkers organized by the local extreme sports company Eco-Xtreme Adventures. The group failed to emerge from the dense wilderness of the rugged coastal range mountains at the pre-arranged time and place. So far there has been no communication from the group even though they have been reported to be carrying satellite telephones. The leader of the bushwhacking group is an experienced backcountry guide with many years of experience says the owner / operator of Eco-Xtreme Adventures. As a precaution a full complement of search and rescue assets have been dispatched to search for the missing hikers. Prince Harry is no stranger to the danger of extreme sports and is said to be well equipped to handle the adverse conditions that he may be encountering. There has been no official word from Windsor Palace as of yet but it is believed that a statement is forthcoming. Robert Mills, BBC News, British Columbia, Canada.


2 Responses to “Prince Harry 2010 – Missing in British Columbia Canada – BBC News”
  1. WiseMonkey888 says:

    He is a good bloke… would have made a great king :) . Nice one BBC…

  2. paperglasses says:

    harry or andrew?

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