Prince William and Kate Middleton will travel the world together CCTV News

April 15, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Prince William and Kate Middleton will travel the world together, but there will always be a special place in their hearts for St Andrews, the Scottish university town where they met and fell in love. The story began almost ten years ago. It was September 2001, the first day of term, and the entire place was buzzing. Large crowds lined the streets, anxious for a glimpse of the new student in town – Prince William. William, accompanied by his father, walked straight over to greet members of the public, which included hundreds of enthusiastic teenage admirers. That day marked William’s only public walkabout during his three years as a student in the town. Kate Middleton started university at the same time as Prince William, and the two became close friends. Information provided by Thank you http

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