Royal Wedding !! – Prince William Gets Engaged to Kate Middleton !!

April 8, 2011 by Chelsy  
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14 Responses to “Royal Wedding !! – Prince William Gets Engaged to Kate Middleton !!”
  1. DeoMachina says:

    Oh god, Americans get the royal treatment too? Don’t you just hate news companies?

  2. 600lester says:

    @1365225 To right,the royal family make more for us than we give them.Some of my family are irish and they pay more for there president who don’t make a penny for them.Some people want this in the UK why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1365225 says:

    We pay only 60p per person every year, this wedding will bring in more than 1 billion pounds for the country. How much do you think people around the world pay, towards there government.

  4. benhoshinji says:

    @manoftomorrow79 im from england man…. im sorry if my location has confused you, but i am really from the uk…. its our £’s which are paying for this pile of shit wedding, for the pile of shit royal family who are the definition of being pointless

  5. manoftomorrow79 says:

    @benhoshinji first of all is there any proof that americans are even paying for their wedding via tax dollars? It’s my assumption that the people of europe will be paying for it not us. As for the why are they so special question they aren’t royalty or not they are no different than anyone else. To me royalty is two-faced look at Charles his mic was picked up. mocking our country and that was a few years ago.I will never lower myself to royalty because they aren’t above us.

  6. benhoshinji says:

    @manoftomorrow79 he will become king… no power…. she will become queen or princess or what ever, still no power……. its so pointless, his entire life is a holiday, royalty doesnt deserve existance, they should start life just like the rest of us, why they so special ?

  7. benhoshinji says:

    @The1stPoster im not sure why it says denmark lol…. but still royal family anywhere is a waste tax payers money… perhaps the wedding will be a profit, but how do we actually know anything about the costs and returns, we dont!!!!! but all the MANY years the royalty has been powerless, and still recieve 70p from every single perosn in the uk each year amounting to £42 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT JUST 1P FROM EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Why are they so special????? Its our money paying for this

  8. The1stPoster says:

    @benhoshinji lol Stfu, you live in Denmark ffs, are you paying for the wedding or something?
    In actuality it will probably bring a lot of revenue to the British economy, if princess Diana’s wedding is anything to go by.

  9. ConservativeNewMedia says:

    @Res028 Ha ha, YES!!

    Can we please have a great MMA fight on the same day as this garbage?

  10. Res028 says:

    It is a 100% chick thing, pure and simple. This is every girl-Disney fantasy coming true, they’re floating onto the ceilings. Chicks, man!

  11. manoftomorrow79 says:

    I wish the best for them but I don’t get the royalty nonsense it’s total crap. it’s just a title it doesn’t make them better than anyone else. I in a sense pity William because does he even know where she stands in this? Is she marrying him for him as a person,or in hopes that she might become the next queen?

  12. benhoshinji says:

    waste of fucking tax money… he doesnt even deserve to be there, the RF doesnt deserve existance…. if it wasnt for revolution, royalty would have continued to dominate us, the people, with an iron fist like they had done for centuries…. we would be living miserable lives and the country would be in a bigger mess than now….. this is the embarassment of our time

  13. 600lester says:

    @rrgison I agree,As for tjhe cost of the wedding the queen and royal house make more money for the state then the tax payers gives them. :)

  14. rrgison says:

    The Facination and Love-affair with Royalty isn’t Anti-American as if longing to again be under subjection, its just the fact that a Royal will be wed and these happened to be very good, if not perfect Royals. If you’ve watched and read about them from WWII on up, they were great, examplerly leaders.

    For me and many others, this is living history as the 20th century saw kingdoms replaced by either a democratic system or sadly a communist dictatoriship.

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