William and Kate are finally engaged!

April 28, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Kate Middleton has enjoyed. Prince William has spoken out and asked her to marry him. After Princess Victoria lies ahead another royal wedding! Next year, we watch the wedding of the future king of England. This will happen 30 years after the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Good luck, patience and strong nerves. And Kate, I envy you very !!!:- D


7 Responses to “William and Kate are finally engaged!”
  1. faz40 says:

    prince will..i…am was cut from dianas womb on the pagan druidic summer solstice 21st june 1982….6x6x6=216….21st june…=216..the omen movie was released 6,61976……exactly 6 yrs to the month he was born…omen 3 released 12 months before he was born….dec 21st.=.6 months from his birthdate.he will be worshiped by many when he is king of the reformed eu roman empire and will cancel the worlds debt..”no? man rich or poor will buy nor sell lest he recieve the mark of the beast”

  2. jon76398 says:

    lol finaliy i really hate her but im happy for them too its about dame time their looks are beginning to diminish fast kate looks like a old man and william is balding like his dad

  3. tatigugu1 says:

    I’m also looking forward to next years big royal event ;)
    thanks for posting :)

  4. M270388 says:

    @ducinek T?ším se:-D P?íští rok bude mazec, dvoj?átka, dv? svatby… Johoho:-D A b?h ví co nás ješt? ?eká…

  5. ducinek says:

    Závist, že máš dovolenou, já nemám ?as v?bec dnes… ale tak zítra je svátek tak mohu ponocovat, abYch to po?ádn? na blogu rozepsala:-))

  6. M270388 says:

    @ducinek To je pro m? ?est!:-D Já mám dov?u, zase, a když jsem vid?la na seznamu ten titulek málem jsem spadla ze židle!:-D Kate stále nemám ráda, ale na druhou stranu jsem strašn? zv?davá ma svatbu. To bude koloto?:-D

  7. ducinek says:

    KONE?N?!!! POužila jsem tvé video na sv?j blog, snad nevadí:-)

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