William and Kate: The Movie official trailer

April 30, 2011 by Chelsy  
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ITN is now on Facebook at on.fb.me The film about the Royal romance is released on DVD on April 25, just a few days before the Royal wedding. Follow us on twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “William and Kate: The Movie official trailer”
  1. xmagzy98x says:

    they are making the royal couple much more foward and too outgoing and in this movie it doesnt seem like they actually love each other, when in real life they actually do love each other and they are very innocent in their love. and none of us British, especially the Royal Family have an american accent!!!!

  2. TheRedDal3k says:

    What a stupid idea

  3. Forever21girl1 says:

    William Wales?:L

  4. XxlabibaxX says:

    they look nothing like them they should of used the lookalikes

  5. Babykiara92 says:

    i thik about prince and me too the meeting is the same

  6. OllieRockin says:

    Fucking yankies

  7. iamegggirl says:


    Actually Williams Wales would be correct. As would William Windsor or William Mountbatten-Windsor. They generally don’t use their last names and Williams is named William of Wales (hence William Wales).

  8. hannahwh05 says:

    They’ve made William and Catherine’s lives seem like the Prince and Me movies! Absolutely ridiculous!

  9. hannahwh05 says:

    actually no the royal family don’t actually have a surname that is for everyone. They are the House of Windsor but because he is the son of the Prince and (former) Princess of Wales his ‘regular’ name and the name he enroled with at university is William Wales.

  10. Celeb132 says:

    The British could’ve at least made this. Fuck Americans…no offence!

  11. zsozso333 says:

    i think it was good, i liked it :) )

  12. zsozso333 says:

    @musicsinmysoul546 me too :) ))

  13. indiewannabe11 says:

    Prince William Wales?

    They could at least know their last names!?

  14. ladywentworth says:

    You seriously want us to buy this? It’s like they’re trying to ruin William and Kate’s love story! Romance…gone!!!! So fake *barfs*

  15. blingsbaby123 says:

    @windowslive1989 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  16. windowslive1989 says:

    plz answer me is this story is true?!

  17. Pennylaneeeeee says:


  18. vfcisme says:

    why did so many people click “I DISLIKE IT” ???

  19. vfcisme says:

    why did so many people click “I DISLIKE IT” ??

  20. MasterControl9000 says:

    I think I just threw up my ability to love :P

  21. nickjl66 says:

    pure comedy! done in the typical American way….god how we wish you had your own history so you could mess your own accounts up first before starting on ours
    bless you America, in this day and age you need a lot of it! lol

  22. TebanaSankichi says:

    Omg is this for real… HAHAHHAHA this is just horrible…

  23. haytp001 says:


  24. Popfan93 says:


    lol I know, right?

  25. iMarian731 says:

    “it was a friendly kiss” ahahahha..lol..

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