William And Kate’s Final Pre-Wedding Engagement

April 26, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton have arrived for their last official public engagement before they become husband and wife. With less than three weeks to go before they are married at Westminster Abbey, the pair are in Darwen in Lancashire in a visit which will complete their four-stop pre-wedding tour of the UK.


11 Responses to “William And Kate’s Final Pre-Wedding Engagement”
  1. ranger123789 says:

    suck my dick kate middleton

  2. W1ngW4ng says:

    Reintroduce the guillotine! Hahahaha!

  3. espenemi says:

    @Juicer63 The public is not paying for the wedding FYI

  4. nicewhitecoffee says:

    what a wonderful couple!

  5. onstageagain says:

    Money Honey ! These low IQ idiots have the country thinking 4 yrs they’ve Royal Blood, What that? Unless I missed something in school, its called Red Blood ! Least they got the R, correct! Sitting on U-r Royal wrinkled rump living off tax $, Called Welfare where? I’m from fool. You’ve sold the whole nation a bunch of buffoonery , while you ride around in some prehistoric buggy, with a stupid teaira on U-r head waving ! Take that stupid thing off, that belongs to? Cinderella

  6. dfb26634 says:

    fucking parisite royals, fuck off already,more taxpayer money sucked up by these leeches.let them eat cake motherfuckers! i bet the royalist sychophants will be cumming all over their tv screens and saying please give me more austerity cuts the fucking morons, grow a pair and dump them in the channel where they belong.

  7. east6287 says:


  8. BishopBasher42 says:

    I heard they met behind the dumpster and kate sucked williams little winky for food, shes a povery bitch and need loads of money…. lickyrim.

  9. Silberhorter says:

    wetting weather

  10. Juicer63 says:

    its fantastic that the poor downtrodden overtaxed unemployed masses have this wonderful day to look forward to. good luck william and kate. you make a wonderful couple and will soon be king and queen. oh and the masses should not complain about paying for it either.

  11. jlbaptista says:

    Britain. Time to crash the royal wedding.

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