Wills helping Kate off heli

April 28, 2011 by Chelsy  
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Prince William in his uniform helping Kate Middleton off a helicopter. Notice how they both remove earplugs from their ears. Why were there so many girls in the chopper? No idea. Who were they? Again, no one knows. They do display a very rare moment of affection though.


25 Responses to “Wills helping Kate off heli”
  1. ririshow says:

    His trousers are too short!

  2. dannysmith15 says:

    Why do people keep calling him wills? Why the s? Its only supposed to be there when they say kate and wills. As in kate and williams. Some idiot started putting it the wrong way round and now people think he’s called wills. Its will and kate now wills and kate. Might as well say kates and will. Whats the point in copying other people. This is just ”pwns” all over again.

  3. TheYasminarf says:

    @ElephantsTongue yyyyyyyyyyyeah

  4. ElephantsTongue says:

    hes too cute

  5. 1foodoflove says:

    Have you heard ‘For a girl who would be a princess’? A haunting piano melody on Youtube, especially written to capture the dreams of a little girl of becoming a princess. Except that for this girl the dream really did come true.

  6. surfjerr says:

    god loves your new masters please continue giveing your souls for them the nazis did

  7. mybaby0407cj says:

    sweet :)

  8. fooljibberjabber says:

    A credit to the uniform

  9. xMarinaJenkinsx says:


  10. artlife1010 says:


  11. MegaHappycookie says:

    Hes such a sweetheart!!!

  12. charminglayla says:

    What a lucky girl!!!!

  13. carsophieify says:

    Good Prince William. Helping your LOVE is very nice.
    I love very much this COUPLE!!!!! PERFECT, LOVELY!

  14. marybarton2011 says:

    @salsimon interesting too to look at Charles and his dad

  15. salsimon says:

    @marybarton2011 I have always understood that alopesia was passed genetically through the mother’s genes. Interesting to look at the heads of Diana’s father and grandfather!

  16. aardvark154 says:

    SandyR, was this at at RAF Shawbury, RAF Valley or somewhere else?

  17. aardvark154 says:

    Was this at at RAF Shawbury, RAF Valley or somewhere else?

  18. missy07yashy says:

    aww this is soo cute .. bless .. i dnt get why people are hating on them

  19. thetake27 says:

    Even I could of got of that…I would have just let her there

  20. ppiinnkkrockangel says:

    good for you william and kate, you suit each other godbless and congrats!

  21. marybarton2011 says:

    He looks like his mom (thankfully) but unfortunately got the hair trait and taste of women from daddy.

  22. SuperTruth77 says:

    I find this video to be of an offensive character, and therefore authorise any UK law enforcement officer to prosecute the poster according to the provisions of Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

    The poster shall be liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale (£5,000), or to both.

  23. rtgoodson says:

    He needs to do a hair transplant for his balding areas.

  24. gremslilgirl says:

    oh come on! what if it were your head!

  25. dhave1980 says:

    Please try to search “Prince William and KC Concepcion” here in youtube…somebody is putting a fun video about the Royal Prince William and showbiz royalty princess KC Concepcion from Philippines…

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