Britian anticipates Will & Kate’s modern monarchy

February 13, 2012 by Chelsy  
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After months of planning and anticipation, Britain’s royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is now part of history. Mark Phillips reports on the events and parties that unfolded after the procession.


25 Responses to “Britian anticipates Will & Kate’s modern monarchy”
  1. mrlopez2681 says:

    @PATRICKEIRE – actually, the crown estates pay more to the state coiffures than the tax payer pays to the royal family. In fact, its 62 pence (about 1 USD) a year person in the entire country,? which is chicken feed in the grand scheme of things. Elected people don’t do much better: they’re usually just as bigoted & unqualified. Monarchy is a universal constant, whether the leader is elected or not. All institutions are almost always monarchical.

  2. dandylion911 says:

    who the fuck cares about this gay wedding like sopporting to people that? dont do anything and think they are better then anyone else

  3. PATRICKEIRE says:

    The so called upperclasses/civil list and these inbred royals,,,how can any sane person belive that it is right for people like these to sponge millions from the tax payer,,to be put in positions of power without being elected to? it.
    They are a throw back to a time where people had no education and thought these kind of fools are there (betters),when in reality they are bigots,raceist unqualified people who think they are owed a lavish lifestyle by the british people….

  4. redneckmarine87 says:

    I would have let out a loud and proud American fart if I was? at that wedding.

  5. jesusfreak1159 says:

    @hayleyL8 just becaus eyou have meat? doesn’t me your alll that you american idiot :P

  6. jesusfreak1159 says:

    why was princess dinai so uniquie she wasn’t that pretty and she didn’t? do anything great.

  7. evaelenis says:

    @WetPooooopie oh my… NO ONE can be the next Dianna..don’t compare.Diana was one unique diamond in this world… no nooooone…

  8. hayleyL8 says:

    when you say uneducated you? do realise she has a university degree? that is after all how they met…
    sounds like SHE is not the uneducated one here…..

  9. hayleyL8 says:

    let me just tell all you americans that the? bacon sandwhich is one of the best meals off all time. we dont make it with the horrible crispy strips of bacon that you eat over there!!! we use real meat!!!! :)

  10. rolficus says:

    2 of the sexiest adorable people in the world god bless? them all the best for the future

  11. WetPooooopie says:

    I hate that unediucated with no job bytch who? manipulate dthe prince to marry her for her fame and fortune as a princess she’ll never be diana

  12. Queenpammz says:

    the commentator is so? dramatic

  13. dannielpreto says:

    This man is? an Inbred, no seriously royalty would marry within the family to preserve the bloodline…

  14. Blogdub says:


  15. darkstar1345a says:

    i? am assuming it will be the same situation as the duke of edinburgh (queens husband)

  16. altairPWK says:

    @TheRandomdude212 Sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here.? =)

  17. crystarrrr says:

    @darkstar1345a she’ll just be a consort,? right?

  18. LabourUnion says:

    The royal wedding live on YouTube…
    …the royal? honeymoon live on RedTube :D

  19. ihaveaverybadcold says:

    @TaffTalk the? royal family can eat the shit out of my ass

  20. TaffTalk says:

    @aboondocksfan Time for you to go back and learn a bit about British history before making ill-informed and ridiculous ignorant comments about a countries legal system you? know absolutely nothing about.

  21. TaffTalk says:

    @aboondocksfan No power? The Queen is Britain’s representative overseas. She is our head of state. She represents the UK at the table of the Commonwealth of Nations (also of which, she is the head). She meets weekly with the Prime Minister to discuss affairs within the government, the PM is required by law to implement any changes she suggests. The royal family exercised their royal prerogative last? in 1965 during the “Burmah Oil Co. v Lord Advocate” case.

  22. Pillen89 says:

    @aboondocksfan Umh.. if you’re so much against the royal families all over Europe, why don’t you just stay away from these clips? people here watch it because they have an? interest in it, not to find people caps-locking through bitching about what ever. Go cry somewhere else :)

  23. darkstar1345a says:

    she will never be called? queen . she wasnt born into the family therefore she cant be called queen

  24. raymejr says:

    @Sahbisun – when you live some place called “Tornado Alley”, those things are expected and if your family has decided to stay put, as many families have over the years,? then you better damn well do things to ENSURE the least amount of damage to not only your property, but your livelihood as well! The communities hit hardest, I’m sure, will bounce back quicker then many of us could ever imagine!

  25. AshAlmond says:

    WILL and KATE represent the modern generation and the? time is NOW fo them to STEP UP to become the new KING and QUEEN of GREAT BRITAIN.

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