Illuminati Royal Wedding – Kate Gets New Coat Of Arms Complete With Pyramid!

February 25, 2012 by Chelsy  
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25 Responses to “Illuminati Royal Wedding – Kate Gets New Coat Of Arms Complete With Pyramid!”
  1. enki1223 says:

    JoyofSatan(dot)com com LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT SATAN/ENKI AND 2012. HE IS THE

  2. malkaraatgw1 says:

    @drgreen2209 That Fag as you call him fought in the Falklands war and ohter conflicts and is a highly? decorated Guards Officers he has proved his courage, have you

  3. califranky says:

    When Americans find out about the truth with the? brits and israel, I hope they will get F nuked and wiped off the map for good, pedophile looking degenerated Fs

  4. KittyKandyKat says:

    @BlowDeBloodyDoorsOff Exactly, which I fear is happening again but this time, they’re actually turning people AGAINST the very thing that WILL free their minds and reveal the truth one step at a time. I don’t claim all the answers are there, but I? do believe it will help people understand the world a little better. The real key is fighting fire with fire and never backing down.

  5. BlowDeBloodyDoorsOff says:

    @KittyKandyKat You can bet that Jesus, whoever he was, knew all about this too. He was opening peoples eyes to it and then the? romans got him. What happened then was there was a deleberate attempt by the eletes and the powers that be of the day to hide the knowledge again, that’s probably what the Dark Ages were all about.

  6. KittyKandyKat says:

    @BlowDeBloodyDoorsOff Thank you, very well said. I have used the geometric shape of the triangle in much of my spiritual workings? and it’s a very powerful shape and symbol. It really all comes down to the energy you put into it, once you’ve freed your mind from the fear behind the mysteries it’s quite a liberating experience, things begin to make more sense.

  7. drgreen2209 says:

    look at that fag talking, all he needs is a fucking bullet in? his fucking mouth

  8. BlowDeBloodyDoorsOff says:

    We’re still missing the big? picture. What is the pryamyd symbolising? It represents the natural building block of matter itself. Look up 432 hertz and it’s connection to Sacred Geometry, the Golden Mean, Phi. When used by masons etc, ii’s, basically, a coded boast, more or less saying ‘we still understand and share between ourselves the knowledge of sacred geometry, the secrets of the building blocks of the universe.Don’t be scared people, learn about these things, arm yourselves with knowledge.

  9. fudders21 says:

    Well prince William and Kate are cousins. Ewww you know what they say?
    Insest is best there’s nothing like lovin when you’re screwing your cousin. Ewww!?

  10. GnosticHumanist says:

    I’m sick of all the royal sychophants fawning over these German Nazi-supporting murderous scumbags known as? “the House of Windsor (a fake made-up name to hide their REAL name: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).

    It’s disgusting that monarchy even exists in this day and age.

  11. Punorss says:

    @NASIMNASIM? No she is a out of space space monster from outer space. She is an alumafarty she controls the worlds banks or something. And she can change into a cup tea at any time or something like that and she eats children and she spits fire and she is German or something like.

  12. Punorss says:

    @skb0rzn Acorn=oak tree=? The heart of oak=public house=beer=pissed.

  13. cloudyme7071 says:

    i am surprised no american has claimed that it is an american who leads? the illuminati…lol

  14. martynblackburn1977 says:

    What? pyramid?

  15. NASIMNASIM says:

    I thought kate mddleton? was a commoner

  16. axis4peace3 says:

    stupid sheeple like them dont bother me; its some of the ones who claim to be awake that? are far more irritating

  17. BradleyBrantner94 says:

    @axis4peace3 Brother,? don’t let these guys put you down. Pretty soon they will all be put in FEMA camps and what not. Don’t give up, I know what it feels like to be called a liar. They are just too afraid to seek the truth and the sad part it they are too dumbed down to realize it. Stay safe, the time is coming.

  18. 1stLordTheAdmiralty1 says:

    @sebensoph every single royal is a descendant of William I (William the Conqueror ) FRENCH.motto of British Monarchs: Dieu et mon droit (God and my right in french) look at all the monarchs of Britain coat of Arms they are french the English language it self is 40% of french old french was the official language for 300yrs in England? till it evolved..The royals are from french origin

  19. sebensoph says:

    british like the royal family? the royals are? of german origin….

  20. jrgenius says:

    who? gives a rats ass

  21. salvadory says:

    @ResistDajjal its the internet , not a term paper- yeah i know its called numerology- the problem is you? can make numbers do anything you want when you come up with total laughable combinations of numbers such as the age of kate middleton and what time the wedding was- as if thats relative and important- ill tell you now it isnt!!!

  22. ResistDajjal says:

    @salvadory I can’t? even understand what you are typing… use some grammar…

    Also, it’s not some ‘loony phony math numbers’, it’s called Numerology, and if you did some damn research before denying everything, you would know that.

  23. salvadory says:

    @MercuryRis yeah all these guys act like they are in their own special secret club- where only they “know the truth” and your dumb- gee sounds just like? the group they are complaining about- most truthers are by far more easily mislead and sheeplike than the averge person from what i can tell- and everything is a conspiracy whether its a baseball team logo or a snickers wrapper- remember 9+2-5×2 – 1=11 and thats not good especially if its a tuesday-LOL

  24. salvadory says:

    look the royals are useless scum to me- rich off the backs of the poor- but alot of you guys? take every little thing- like kate is 29- 2+9= 11 (freemason number) im sorry but people start doing shit like that they re indeed loony phony math and numbers mean shit- but oh wait 13 +7=20 then minus 9=11 oh my god cant you see it – proof they are lizards! thats how alot of you come across even to people who are open minded …………

  25. lighthouse500 says:

    @Syk0pathik? yep deffo agree with you there aswell, there is loads of crap and fake shit to miss lead ppl like you said, but i still belive in the nwo/ illuminati or what ever you want to call them but i just hope am wrong. and non belivers and belivers sould not call each other so am sorry for calling you a think cunt, just a shame we live in shit world

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