James Middleton (at Will and Kate’s Wedding) quoting the Spirit of Truth.

February 26, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Catherine’s brother, James Middleton, is seen and heard quoting the Spirit of truth from Romans 12: 1, 2, 9-18. via BBC Television,


25 Responses to “James Middleton (at Will and Kate’s Wedding) quoting the Spirit of Truth.”
  1. 2gointruth says:

    I know not his occupation, but feel he is reverend, for? sure.

  2. Tara20052 says:

    Beautiful reading of Romans and a handsome man? at that.. if they had said that his occupation was a reverend I would have believed them…

  3. silasha says:

    @henders01 You don’t? need to know someone personally to make a sycophantic post about him/her. You must have been under the influence of Uncle Gary’s drugs when you made that post,

  4. ThePsalm40 says:


  5. 2gointruth says:

    You are welcome. Do not be confused.? Didn’t Christ say his ‘Kingdom is not of this world’?

  6. ThePsalm40 says:

    @ShantiOoom Agreed, my heart is touched by this mans whole…well everything, I know and love Jesus and I can feel it here. I pray He does love Jesus in spite of all the horror stories we get? as the poor lower class.

  7. AirlockMinibus says:

    thats what? Marlbrough does for you………

  8. SuzLa1 says:

    @carey579 Kingdom of god is within and it’s? love and light.

  9. ShantiOoom says:

    How can any of us claim to know James’s life. The media makes claims they cannot prove, that is why they use “sources”. They make crap up to sell their wares. He obviously is close to? God, didn’t miss a beat.
    Who cares about his tie…….

  10. henders01 says:

    @silasha . Oh, dear, you? are a very sad person! I don’t even know the bloke, so I’m hardly likely to be a sycophant

  11. silasha says:

    @henders01 This must be the most sycophantic post I’ve ever read on YouTube. Cringeworthy? indeed.

  12. 2gointruth says:

    I tell you this: Where you can show truth, therein will you find evidence of my father! – Likewise: Where you can show the teacher, therein will you find the very Spirit of truth.
    And despite all your words? of calumny: The subject of Truth cannot be changed by you, I or by anyone.

  13. carey579 says:

    @2gointruth why are you even in this conversation?? i am asking britishsnail to prove the god that james middleton(gay and hypocritical) is talking about…so stop diverging the subject like a typical christian and? let him show me his god

  14. 2gointruth says:

    The subject is Truth! – Please tell me when I claimed? to know the God you speak of?

  15. carey579 says:

    @2gointruth okay i? take that as a loss on your side that you’re changing the subject…there is no god

  16. 2gointruth says:

    Then let us deal with Truth. When did I claim to know the God you talk of? Whatever that may be. ?

  17. BritishSnail says:

    @carey579 I left a reply? here. Let me know if it doesn’t show up? Thanks :-)

  18. BritishSnail says:

    @carey579 Ask the blessed virgin Mary, Mother of all mercy, to ask our dear Lord Jesus, her beloved Son to shower you with His many graces which He longs to share with you. In Your most divine mercy I pray O Lord my God, Amen. Jesus never refuses a request from His? Mother who is so very kind ;-) . ~Jesus I Trust in You~

  19. carey579 says:

    @2gointruth we’re not dealing with truth here, YOU claim to? know god so the burden of proof is on you – show me your god

  20. 2gointruth says:

    First? you must show me Truth quick!

  21. carey579 says:

    @2gointruth whatever, just show? me god quick!

  22. 2gointruth says:

    Is? it possible to see Truth, or Is? or To be?

  23. carey579 says:

    @BritishSnail? SHOW ME GOD NOW!

  24. BritishSnail says:

    @carey579 You’re asking the wrong person. Only the most holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus can do that for you. We see a building, we know there’s an architect but we don’t see the architect. Just be determined and single minded in your decision. Open your arms & your heart wide, your mind too. Put down your guard, >trust< i.e. have faith and welcome Him. Go to a place of worship? (“where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am”) and He will come to you. Ask….. seek……. find…..

  25. carey579 says:

    @BritishSnail have you ever asked peter? pan to show you the way to neverland? i guess not…again show me your god NOW!

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