Kate and Wills don’t mind getting dirty

February 12, 2012 by Chelsy  
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t want a houskeeper, showing they’re just like the rest of us. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “Kate and Wills don’t mind getting dirty”
  1. tartandaddy says:

    and thats the news? she does her? own hoovering? Oh dear God save us!

    do you think she flushes her own toilet?

  2. cmbatwnded says:

    do they S**T diamonds ??

  3. sundomepharmd says:

    this should not be about princess versus princess. i’m sure both women are amazing and should not be so harshly criticized. it’s hard and stressful living in the public eye and they do the best they can :-) ? although i think kate is super amazing!!! viva la kate

  4. Cherrywoo77 says:

    What’s with the? highly similar, slightly creepy comments below?… Is that like the same person using like, five separate accounts? lol

  5. anakmudajaman says:

    I am very happy to see the vidoe Kate and Wills don’t mind getting dirty from you,? hopefully the others also are happy for You

  6. Ondelendo says:

    Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? don’t want a houskeeper, showing they’re just like the rest of u

  7. bebeheuy says:

    Nice Video That? You Share , So Very Nice Thanks You Kate and Wills don’t mind getting dirty

  8. imegatrone says:

    I Really Like The Video The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t want a houskeeper, showing they’re just like the? rest of us From Your

  9. bundawartini says:

    Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Kate and? Wills don’t mind getting dirty

  10. eagleaqua1 says:

    can someone? plz write what her second sentence is????????????

  11. 29Essan says:

    so what if any of us has the money,? we will all be dressing nice and shit. here is an example of tax payers money at work.

  12. chonge says:

    What’s wrong with the American media? Nobody cares whether or not the Duke and Duchess do their own dishes, or is amazed by it. I certainly don’t.
    What I do care about is the representation of the monarchy of their various dominions in international relations or the charities they conduct in service for those who need.
    The American media needs to get that we aren’t amaze that both the Duke and Duchess are also? normal human beings, but rather the un-normal things they can achieve as royalty.

  13. ArianeCatherine says:

    Duchess Catherine is perfect. Very beautiful,? very elegant, very nice, a dream.
    Anoretic is Letizia of Spain and very very ugly, envy and bad person.

  14. MrKatzengreis says:

    God bless America`s? poodle the? UK.

  15. Kimindigo says:

    ( DYSLEXIC )..illuminati? family..and they hate humans.. and people loves them.. when shall the sheeples wake up,,and knowing that this fuckers are in illuminati.. and they hate you !!!,, if you belive this fuckers loves you then you are a braindead zombie sheeple that? are so stupid that you can go and shut yourself in your little? brain !!..illuminati bloodline families !!! look it up

  16. Testruecast says:

    E. What makes she a princess? What makes him a prince?.The world must stop this kind of institutions. It is an insensitive imposture to the life of millions? of people.E.R.

  17. Elvisman1977 says:

    Oh i misunderstood the title? of the video…..

  18. ArianeCatherine says:

    @BlackRedK? clean………

  19. ArianeCatherine says:

    @daleyander2468 Catherine a Dream person.?

  20. ArianeCatherine says:

    Duchess Catherine is a more beautiful person of monarchy. Your dress is? a dream.

  21. daleyander2468 says:

    wish that she walk funny as losing? her virginity LOL!

  22. BlackRedK says:

    I used to get dirty… then i took an arrow to? the knee

  23. sidrahsiddiqui says:

    @SupBitchezz best comment!?

  24. xhemexx says:

    This is what true love and a true wedding is supposed to be like. Unlike the thousands of bad ones in America, Canada and Britain where shallow couples marry? for shallow reasons and their weddings suck and are a disgrace and they end up divorcing a few months later. Those marriages are a total joke especially in the U.S. You get false love and false marriages and it’s getting worse. But it’s good to see that there are STILL some true marriages with true love for one another like this one.

  25. ArianeCatherine says:


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