Kate Middleton’s see through dress up for auction

February 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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7 Responses to “Kate Middleton’s see through dress up for auction”
  1. britneyspears8838 says:

    It’s kinda pretty?

  2. eatmyshorts2007 says:

    fuck the prince wat will? he EVER do for this world other than spending a nations money on his fucking dumbass wedding

  3. jdpeter2 says:

    Search: “Iconic Kate Middleton See Through? Dress Doll” on eBay.

    People have lost their minds!!!

  4. turockandar says:

    Well wasn’t it Prince Charles who fantasized about? being a tampax? It may run in the family LOL

  5. missfashioneye says:

    you can same? at primark lol

  6. tillaylomo says:

    she should sell her? used panties, maxi pads, lingerie online

  7. TheTwinklestar99 says:

    Is that what you call it?? A dress? Blimey!

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