marilyn monroe lookalike suzie kennedy and elliott Gibson prince harry lookalikeon BBC news

February 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Marilyn Monroe lookalike Suzie Kennedy on BBC news and elliott gibson as prince harry


24 Responses to “marilyn monroe lookalike suzie kennedy and elliott Gibson prince harry lookalikeon BBC news”
  1. NancyinRedHeels says:

    it? is such an ironic that suzie got everything that marilyn should get nowadays…

  2. The1990Doctor says:

    haha? good one

  3. MEGABOINK65 says:

    she really dont look like Marilyn that? much.

  4. WackyJakie says:

    My last name? is Kennedy :)

  5. Danny30011980 says:

    I always enjoy watchin stuff with stars look-a-likes and their stories, like they’ve been mistaken for the real? deal by fans or even press…lol

  6. jesskafaith1 says:

    Suzie is an amazing look a like! I was just interested in seeing the impersonators out there cos people say I look like marilyn. But suzie proves? competition is tough! Is it really her natural look though cos she seems to be living her life on marilyns image not in her own identity. Atleast she’s done very well out of it :)

  7. machinadeferia says:

    Suzie, you? make Marilyn fans all over the world very proud. Greetings from Argentina.

  8. BRONXPEPE says:

    is she in the new ja dore dior commercial cuz that woman looks exactly? like her

  9. schornstein says:

    gosh she acts,looks? and talks like marilyn

  10. ilmadsick says:

    marlyn monroe? had a nice curves mmh

  11. LigerZeroPanzar says:

    “GTFO of my? screen “prince harry” and MM on plz”
    LOL was thinking that the whole time they interviewed him XD

  12. mcwcheer says:

    @jaidemm um…they did mention? it

  13. xsullengirlx says:

    Suzie really does look like this even when she’s on holiday? and whatnot. The real deal :)

  14. 1536anne says:

    wow suzie is the best marilyn? ive ever seen

  15. mudya1 says:

    prine? harry not so good, but Suzy kennedy wowowowowowowow!! her twin!!

  16. holly9428 says:

    his? voice makes me scared lol

  17. emmyjean82 says:

    I am a big fan of Marilyn Monroe…and I think Suzie? is doing a great job :) WOW! springs to mind!

  18. meeraseth2010 says:

    @suziekennedy r u really? suzie kennedy imersonator

  19. LoveMeryl1 says:

    Your really blessed? to have such good looks! All the best :)

  20. good2btheking says:

    @faithoffaith My apologies, thank you for? the correction. You are quite right i meant “Somethings got to give” :) I think it would be awesome to see the whole movie.

  21. faithoffaith says:

    I thin marilyn may have reincarnated via suzie..?

  22. faithoffaith says:

    @good2btheking I think you meant somethings got to give? that was her? last ever film unfinished..

  23. AngelicAcid453 says:

    your amazing :) ?

  24. XxSillyGirlx says:

    she looks? so so much like marilyn i miss marilyn so so much she was my every thing and my sister

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