Prince William and Kate Middleton: A Royal Love Story part 6 of 6

February 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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From NBC’s Dateline, recorded with my DC


14 Responses to “Prince William and Kate Middleton: A Royal Love Story part 6 of 6”
  1. xmasbaby1968 says:

    @periperigord. I couldn’t agree with you more! Better on Kate’s finger than in a box. I doubt William would have given her the ring if he didn’t trust or love her. Also, I’m sure if Kate wanted a different ring, she’d have told him. I think it’s a lovely gesture, honoring his Mother like that. My Mum died when I was a baby, & when I became unofficially engaged, I wore? her ring until my fiancĂ© bought me my own. I also wear Mummy’s wedding ring to keep her close to me, too.

  2. GrailcodeDotNet says:

    Do you? have the Omen part 3 on DVD? It would be fitting to show right after this.

  3. chewsteraghi says:

    @Alanna11111 Diana was his mother. He loves her and treasures her ring enough to include it in his own marriage. For us, it is a symbol of Diana’s public image: brilliant, beautiful, vibrant, and at the same time, sad. Poor Little Rich Princess. But for William, it is? personal. It is his mother’s ring. And his mother is something else for him than that “darling” of the media that lingers in our memory. For William, she is something else. Personal. Mother. We cannot judge that.

  4. Alanna11111 says:

    I’m sure Katie adores Wills mom’s ring but will never give his mom the proper justice she deserves. His mom suffered so greatly to be his father’s breeding? mate when all along his heart belonged to another… Quite a shame…

  5. carsophieify says:


  6. GimmeKitty says:

    @periperigord Well … I still think that William will only now? ENSURE that people WILL compare his mother and Kate, and vice versa, him having given Kate HER engagement ring.

    I mean, really … I would have been more sensitive of my significant other!

  7. GimmeKitty says:

    @chewsteraghi I dont’? know. I still think that William should have let his own fiancee CHOOSE her own bloody ring, for Heavens’ sake!

  8. poodtang1 says:

    Hopefully the Royal Family has learned it’s lesson and will give Kate all the support? and encouragement they never gave Diana.

  9. chewsteraghi says:

    @periperigord also, like he said, it’s a way to have Diana involved? in this very special time with her son and his bride. :)

  10. periperigord says:

    @GimmeKitty My first thoughts as well. However, on reflection I believe it was a stroke of genius on William’s part? to give Kate his mother’s ring. Better for it to be on the finger of his loved one than to lie uselessly on display in a museum or elsewhere. It shows how greatly William reveres his future bride.

  11. chewsteraghi says:

    @bvlgary09? Princess with Queen Prospects :)

  12. bvlgary09 says:

    What will? it make the girl? a queen? 0_o

  13. chewsteraghi says:

    @GimmeKitty She could? have told him if it bothered her. If she had said something, I doubt he wouldn’t be fine with letting her pick out a new one. It seems likely that this was a mutual preference, whether it was his idea and she agreed to it or something that arose from something else.

  14. GimmeKitty says:

    You know, by giving Kate? his mum’s engagement ring William will ENSURE that Kate will always be compared to her. Sad, really. I also think that women should choose their own engagement rings, as well. I think Williams was Unintentionally insensitive, actually.

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