Prince William & Catherine Middleton: Engaged!

February 24, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton got engaged! I have been supporting them since they first met. Enjoy. Song: Iris by Goo goo Dolls


9 Responses to “Prince William & Catherine Middleton: Engaged!”
  1. sgmale90 says:

    are kates parents thrilled and happy? that she is marrying the future king? i hope so

  2. MargoHR says:

    Tampax Charles not only had a number of female encounters Tiggy Legge-Bourke, camilla etc. but sex with several men too including a valet George Smith. Of course it’s certainly a well-documented fact Mountbatten was bisexual. Charles valet immediately before his marriage was in fact gay and subsequently actually died of AIDS! It’s consequently not surprising he finds the evil vulgar coarse (like a? man in cheap drag) somewhat masculine appearance of the repulsively vile Camilla whore appealing!

  3. SomethingNormal00 says:

    kate will? be a modern action women and should never be compared to williams mother coz she is a different generation.

  4. carsophieify says:


  5. shaniiimusic says:

    Love it ? ? is sooo Wonderful

  6. princessdianalove1 says:

    I am EXTREMELY concerned about the Middleton girl becoming part of the Royal family; who are her people? What are her connections? What is? her social class? This may well end very badly…..

  7. Englishgyrl says:

    They’re a great couple and I’m so glad that they’re going to marry. But I have a? question. I see that you use ‘The Windows Live Movie Maker’ how long did it take to upload it? I have so many problems with the videos I make with that.

  8. mymyn34 says:

    i love it!!!!! great job!!
    they are wonderfull together!
    i am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!
    i? can’t wait the wedding!!!!

  9. Gabby5471 says:

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple!! ?

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