Princess Diana at William’s Christening

February 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Photocall session at Buckingham Palace for Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on August 4th, 1982. Pardon the poor quality of the video.


21 Responses to “Princess Diana at William’s Christening”
  1. flowerpotmistress says:

    Question: why? does she remove the finger??

  2. flowerpotmistress says:

    lovely is the only word that? came to my mind in describing lady Diana here..

  3. littleREDslinky says:

    he was? hungry

  4. 1945918 says:

    Viva a Monarquia!? Viva!

  5. cupcakefairy87 says:

    It’s weird to watch videos like these and think ‘That baby is a married man now’. Diana would be? so proud of him.

  6. 2suwase says:

    there? was no such thing as a pacifier than
    its 1982

  7. ceasar70alexander says:

    The godfather is the King Constantine of the? Hellenes.

  8. suppaath2002 says:

    Why? didn’t they give him a pacifier?

  9. hellokitty3081 says:


  10. erik98lee says:

    I? can’t believe that william was a baby
    And know he’s all grow up and married

  11. HIStoryEMD says:

    AWWWW!!!see how quite and calm he was? with his mother, and then when given away he starts bawlin!!! lol XD

  12. emilejunior says:

    @gramule I think u have got the right feeling! by the way their story is so much alike to? this! check some videos about William the AntiChrist!

  13. gramule says:

    it’s somwhat? reminiscent of a scene from rosemarys baby

  14. gramule says:

    @sailorjack100 lol. charles showed no affection to either his wife, or his son here.? he goes from this scene to be with camilla, apparently. remember ‘tampongate’……

  15. mankayng says:

    @magnet270497 It was actually Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (George VI’s widow and Elizabeth II’s mother) whom held the? crying baby Prince William, till she passes him back to Princess Diana.

  16. paisleyyama says:

    Why? did they have to dress him so girly?

  17. jecka1982 says:

    awwww william is so? adorable and cute! still is!

  18. 2010dispencer says:

    no they switched the audio off, he was still crying in the arms of his? mother.

  19. sailorjack100 says:

    this really shows how much they both? loved their children I have never seen this before and its quite amazing how Charles shows his affection for his first born.

  20. magnet270497 says:

    notice he starts crying at the hands? of the queen and stops whilst with our lady Diana R.I.P

  21. conversecolors13 says:


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