The Royal Wedding: What Happened After the Ceremony!

February 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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PopSugarTV: Facebook: Twitter: From the crazy late-night celebration to William and Kate’s romantic weekend away to Harry and Chelsy’s makeout session, find out what happened with the newlywed royal couple after the royal wedding! I’m Lauren, and this is your PopSugar Rush! William and Kate tied the knot on Friday in one of the most watched events the world has ever seen, but what happened after the ceremony we all saw on TV? The new Duke and Duchess kissed on the balcony not once, but twice, and afterward they partied it up and posed for photos just like any normal newlyweds — that is, if your official wedding pictures look anything like these. Standing in Buckingham Palace’s throne room, William and Catherine snapped several professional portraits with their family members while enjoying the queen’s lavish reception. 650 guests dined on a menu that included William’s chocolate biscuit cake and the main wedding cake which was made from 17 individual fruit cakes. Prince Charles and Prince William both reportedly gave heartfelt speeches during the lunch, before the newlyweds took off in an Aston Martin convertible with a license plate that read “JU5T WED.” William and Catherine drove to Clarence House for a costume change before their second reception of the day: Prince Charles’s soiree at Buckingham Palace. Kate showed up wearing a second, strapless Alexander McQueen gown with white angora shrug that was more party-ready, while Will


9 Responses to “The Royal Wedding: What Happened After the Ceremony!”
  1. TonyHujek says:

    givvvveeee? morrrrrrre

  2. fraizer57 says:

    Another faggot member of the untouchable thieving Royals.It is so strange that the same British media specially the BBC who demonizes other nation’s heads of states? has no words of criticism here.Every word carefully chosen to brainwash the masses.As for that asshole William how could he care for UK when he couldn’t give FUCK about her mother&the way she was murdered by the ugly old whore Mafia Queen.I pray that Muslim majority soon will kick the bastard royals? in the ass&teeth&out of Britain.

  3. kwchia says:

    beautiful photos!?

  4. kwchia says:

    that’s alot of paryting ? :) ))

  5. fBrandSuperHero says:

    01:30 ! :D <3?

  6. MyCryBabyLove says:

    how do you now is a romantic honeymoon? maybe is a wild honey moon!?

  7. pelicanus11 says:

    YOu guessed it “”THEY SHAGGED AT? BUCK HOUSE!!

  8. sweetheart2109 says:

    I’ll believe it we I see photos of Harry and? Chelsy kissing but until I am wishing that he will get with Kate’s sister

  9. ilooklikeacharlee says:

    why do they all? have to be soo beautiful! such a fantasy!

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