William and Kate depart Westminster Abbey

February 28, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton, the duke and duchess of Cambridge, depart Westminster Abbey in London in a horse-drawn carriage.


24 Responses to “William and Kate depart Westminster Abbey”
  1. 1stLordTheAdmiralty1 says:

    David Starkey he’s brilliant the guy loves it, he gets too excited..MAGICAL WHEEL’S? hahhaha quality

  2. MrTarag says:

    Kate Middleton hot collaction unseen pic&? green.dot v do must watch

  3. bubbazep01 says:

    @Purrrsuasive1 Oh it’s? all good

  4. LionAdmin says:

    @orangevirus2 how about you get married and everyone hates you,oh! Sorry i didn’t know you had no friends thats why you spend? your time trying to sound smart on youtube

  5. fight4acause says:

    He was in Alabama looking at the damage and he was already schedule? to go see the last NASA launch and President’s do not go to non-state event and this was non-state event.

  6. Auschwitz2012 says:

    Where is Obama HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA How sad?

  7. kkkaylaisdabomb says:

    she looks like a barbie(:?

  8. capricornio0174 says:

    Royalty and Lovely? Couple!!!

  9. MsNeiheiser says:

    And I had to work all day. I like? her wedding gown more than Diana’s and I was surprised at the open carriage.

  10. Purrrsuasive1 says:

    @bubbazep01 Katie Couric is leaving CBS in? June. I happen to adore her and love her journalism. So, to each his own.

  11. xDDLaurax says:

    strangely for me, i cried alot today, been a lovely day, gives the world some hope, that fairytales do come true,? and i wish them all the best for the future..<3

  12. 1stLordTheAdmiralty1 says:

    @gregboyds The royals are our safe guard for democracy.The Queen as Monarch guards democracy and makes sure? it flows.We could never have a dictator or a corrupt government that is unjust against its people because of the Monarchy

  13. Tomcrossfire says:


  14. slayerkendra says:

    my president offiends our friends in the uk by sending the bust back he was not invited to a GLOBAL? EVENT WAY TO GO OBOZO

  15. thebiggestVEVO says:

    fuck ads

  16. Xxfearme says:

    omg the duke looked like? the guy at best buy

  17. bubbazep01 says:

    These commentators, especially Couric, are terrible.? COME ON CBS! Anyway, go William & Catherine!

  18. vexviper says:

    She’s? HOT@@

  19. krngirljenjen says:

    there so pretty together <3 Princesses are real? O.o

  20. LegendOfGamez says:

    @gregboyds? lol yup

  21. orangevirus2 says:

    @LionAdmin its? not the freakin king of the world

  22. Treblinka2012 says:

    she is not even a paki? this is so racist.. LOL just kiding i wish them the best

  23. Oblivionmaster09 says:

    I am not? from England, but I love this!!!! thumbs up for the most aweomest people in the world! and High five for the Princesses gown! So awesome!

  24. 34601k says:

    @camarada1996 “royalty” needs to be abolished.?

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