Wills and Kate at War Horse premiere

February 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Prince William and his wife, Kate, walked the red carpet at the UK premiere of Steven Spielberg’s latest movie, War Horse. Report by Sam Homewood. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “Wills and Kate at War Horse premiere”
  1. AislingDawlins1582 says:

    @Fureyn I don’t think they should’ve brought the horse, but the alternative to showing what happened to the horses would be harming them, and that’s? just wrong, I’m happy in the knowledge no animal was harmed on set…

  2. beckybeeify says:

    just pause at 0:50 and i am? fine :)

  3. Fureyn says:

    @TraceurHarryG1 yes, that poor horse was terrified & it was more than likely also? tranqued; I refuse to see the movie because I don’t believe they showed what really happened to the horses after the war

  4. fredrazoqhw says:

    loved it!

    leakedmovies . biz

  5. blimeyitsnina says:

    @bubbletube2345 Oh my god. He’s not? Arthur Weasley he’s Remus Lupin, you dolt.

  6. bubbletube2345 says:

    0:56 Arthur Weasley!!?

  7. CaptainCannon says:

    Why has someone dressed the warhorse in a? tuxedo?

  8. youboob6022 says:

    Fucking? scum

  9. TraceurHarryG1 says:

    did anyone c in the paper that they took the horse to the premier it? looked terrified

  10. misterbateman808 says:

    I tell you that you resemble a cunt flapping & you flap some more. i think in your? life that you feel rather superior & maybe even intelligent, possibly even have a degree.

    But in reality you are still a HUGE CUNT.

  11. Fizzypop1211 says:

    @misterbateman808 Well there’s the clue:? you ask someone on YOUTUBE with a 480 character MAX LIMIT to “break it down” so that you have a chance of understanding the comment. Forget waiting until Friday, you just are not equipped to be here. You just run around like a ten year old shouting rude words and waving his willy around because you don’t know any better. Unless you have had a stroke of course, in which case I apologize – GET HELP, or lost. Lost works. Yes, get lost. Understand?

  12. misterbateman808 says:

    @macalauresmuse well you can’t feel more sorry than i do for you,? letting me know that “kids” are likely to view this clip… hahhaha… hooray for you Ms Mary Cunt Poppins. Let me ask though, after you husband (?) takes his cock out of your arsehole – do you lick off all the bits of your own shit off? . . . just wondered.. xxx

  13. macalauresmuse says:

    @misterbateman808 Seriously? I feel? quite sorry for you.

  14. misterbateman808 says:

    @macalauresmuse? YOU PETTY ROYALIST CUNT JEW HATER .. i knew you would say that

  15. thatmentalgummybear says:

    happy 30th? birthday, Kate :) xx

  16. 29Essan says:

    Kate’s style is totally predictable. im not amused? at all. her hair and dresses are getting boring. how can people compare Kate’s style to Diana’s ?

  17. macalauresmuse says:

    @misterbateman808 I don’t care if you love or hate the? royal family, or even how annoyed you are with other comments on here. Don’t use language like that on a clip that children are likely to view. Unless you don’t care about that either…?

  18. misterbateman808 says:

    @escapeephil flap flap?

  19. izzah96 says:

    0:53? It’s Remus!

  20. ILLZUKUNT says:

    hail peasants.?

  21. escapeephil says:

    It never ceases? to amaze me how one simple normal video can cause so many stupid, un intelligent comments.

  22. misterbateman808 says:

    @Fizzypop1211 – Can you please speak English as all I can hear is your cunt lips? flapping. I trust that is more to the liking for one. (CUNT)

  23. Fizzypop1211 says:

    @misterbateman808 For all you know, I might be the country’s leading Republican. Yet you are determined to broadcast your “self styled? vulgar wisdom” based on what, exactly? Everyone has an opinion, everyone has an arsehole. The trick is not to BE one – although in your case, as you patently can’t change that about yourself, at least stop speaking through it, you nasty little gutter snipe.

  24. misterbateman808 says:

    @Fizzypop1211 whatever mate, you are a total cunt who loves the royals, what a prick you must? be.

  25. mattsta127 says:

    isnt tht the reporter who used to be on Game? on???

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