A royal tour of Westminster Abbey

March 28, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Westminster Abbey, the church where Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to marry, has been at the heart of British history for more than a thousand years. Erica Hill takes a royal tour of the legendary cathedral.


16 Responses to “A royal tour of Westminster Abbey”
  1. blertdrax says:

    @blertdrax…..just looked it up and apparently the first church on the site lasted from the 620s to 1042, the second was finished in 1052 and construction of the third church began in 1245. So yeah, the oldest bits of the present building seem to be thirteenth? century, but with many further alterations and additions over subsequent centuries.

  2. blertdrax says:

    @FloridaRaider: Well, not really, he said it was ‘completed’ in the 18th century (even that isn’t strictly true, there were further? modifications in the 19th and 20th centuries). But parts of it are much older. The abbey that we see today wasn’t built all in one go, it’s been steadily rebuilt and modified over the course of centuries.

    Not sure how high the ceiling are, but they’re pretty high!

  3. LondonLocksmithsUK says:

    It’s a beautiful Abbey!

  4. mddaddybear says:

    Not all big churches are “Cathedrals”…. Westminster Abbey is not? a Cathedral, i.e, it is not the seat of a bishop.

  5. TheAnglopride says:

    from what i’ve seen of st pauls cathedral i think its? even more beautiful than westminster abbey

  6. MrTarag says:

    Kate Middleton hot collaction unseen pic& green.dot v do must watch

  7. FloridaRaider says:

    So that is actually the third church there and it’s about 200 years? old? How tall are the ceilings? Magnificent.

  8. crystalbratcher30ify says:

    @NiteStarGirl what was that? like?

  9. mcfrdmn says:

    Lovely video? of Westminster Abbey

  10. Ladysman368 says:

    I invoke Godwin’s Law upon you, sir. You? lose.

  11. winterstellar says:

    @unitedsimplydabest NO, and nobody should. But fortunately it’s pretty clear that at least a majority of the commenters? on YouTube are negative or indifferent to the whole “royal wedding” crap. The comparison to Nazi Germany is valid, I think..or to anything else idiotic that millions are brainwashed into believing in or caring about. : )

  12. unitedsimplydabest says:

    @winterstellar So why the fuck did you waste your time watching this video and making a comment. What kind of idiot are you to compare this to nazi germany? No one gives a fuck about what you think.?

  13. winterstellar says:

    I compare this to nazi Germany or something.. How the Hell can so many millions of people be brainwashed into being interested in something as crazy and medieval and retarded as “monarchy” or “aristocracy”? It’s totally scary, if you ask me! And I can tell you? I will not watch one second of that totally “disinteresting” wedding crap!

  14. ThePeeterd says:

    something to forget the crisis,give the people bread and games.
    and divide? and rule.

  15. heavenkept says:

    Various artist aboard over 2-000 Rock n Roll? vids in HD

  16. swampzoid says:

    I couldn’t marry in a church where? my mother’s funeral was held but that’s just me.

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