DIY: Transform your…Old Dress Into A Royal Wedding Inspired Dress

March 12, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Watch in full HD! :) So you might be wondering HOW the Royal Wedding inspired me to transform this dress! Well first of all, this video was actually filmed a couple weeks before the Royal Wedding. The fact that the wedding was in the Spring, inspired me to create the very colourful flowers on the dress. Also, the veil headpiece was another Royal Wedding inspired part of this outfit! I hope your enjoyed this video :) There will be more videos like this coming up so stay tuned! ——————- ? Like my Facebook Page! ? Follow me on Twitter! ? Email me!


5 Responses to “DIY: Transform your…Old Dress Into A Royal Wedding Inspired Dress”
  1. AbrushofBeauty says:

    @oiseau88 Hi Nayoung! :) Thank you, I’m glad you liked it~? ?

  2. giggles8cakes says:

    So cute!!;)?

  3. oiseau88 says:

    Hi Sherry!! Super creative :) Loved it! <3 ?

  4. DazzleGlass22 says:

    love this idea. this? should get more views!

  5. AlternativelyChiic says:

    great diy! this seems like? a could be a fun halloween costume too!

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