Ellie Goulding “Your Song” (Cover) Janet Devlin X Factor PIANO INSTRUMENTAL + LYRICS

March 29, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Ellie Goulding will play for Prince William and Kate Middleton and their guests at the Royal Wedding reception / after party on April 29th 2011. Ellie had her biggest hit last year with a cover of Sir Elton John’s Your Song, will perform at the after dinner party at Buckingham Palace. …


24 Responses to “Ellie Goulding “Your Song” (Cover) Janet Devlin X Factor PIANO INSTRUMENTAL + LYRICS”
  1. ChloeColantonio says:

    AMAZING ! absolutely love it , ill be covering this song right about? now, using this piano arangement :)

  2. teeramini19 says:

    i would like to use this instrumental to sing , where could i? download it from? :) and well done it very good!

  3. TheLollysucker says:

    @DurzzToxin , Ellie Goulding did a remake :) and well done,? this vid is beaut :D xxx

  4. DurzzToxin says:

    This is by? Elton John… Why does it say Ellie Goulding? :P

  5. haha24ism says:

    i think it you played it a bit fast particularly? in some parts. when i was singing along i had to rush bits. but other than that very well played

  6. KeiraFayeHarris says:

    Could i use this for a britans? got talent audition?(:

  7. 123SeinePrinzessin says:

    just do? it! -.-

  8. sophielovesParade says:

    That was? great! Carry on I was wondering wether you could do Glad you came on the piano. I’d really appreciate that. Thanks!

  9. hypopanda24 says:

    i have an acoustic guitar and i want to play this while? singing!!!!!!!

  10. lovingonedirection23 says:

    I’m using this to? practice this song, just to let you know… im singing it next year on xfactor and need to learn it instrumental :)

  11. officialdanni says:

    I think this is brilliant!
    50 thumbs up and I’ll do a? cover:)

  12. TheHarliie says:

    this is? great to sing along to great ob! <3 :)

  13. Daltykidd says:

    Thxz natman2005 i used this in my Junior Cert? Music and i got 95% becuase of that song

  14. ShineyShoes23 says:

    thnx thts good video was it you playing i could sing? easily to tht

  15. showcaseSCOOTERteam says:

    not the trickyest piece to play but your playing is fair, and u have alright tecnique. but at points u did slightly go? off tempo. other then that, well done.

  16. TheShoocke says:

    i like? it ;) ))

  17. JustaLittleShy says:

    Great job, I hope you don’t mind,? I think i’ll sing along and post , will mail you a link & mention your name :-) x

  18. KoolKid316 says:

    that’s? amazing

  19. SheSaidTeAmo says:

    This song makes me melt *_*?

  20. skatardrummer says:

    Nice but too fast and hammered. Sounds hurried. Lay? back a little and will be great :)

  21. vinsta76 says:

    Gonna be picky and say, A little too much sustain pedal? especially during the bridge and timing isn’t spot on all the time. But I am being very picky, call me simon cowell :)

  22. pagpmike says:

    I played turkish march to this.?

  23. xxxsims2fanxxx says:

    really xx?

  24. Caitymax says:


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