Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Official Movie Trailer

March 24, 2012 by Chelsy  
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We’re nearing the end of the Harry Potter movie experience, folks–with old friends like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe–and what a long strange trip it’s been. Harry’s been involved with time manipulation, flying cars, conspiracy in the highest offices and even a dose of young love. Can Harry’s newest romp The Half Blood Prince, coming out July 15th, hold up against its predecessors? Harry’s now in his sixth year at Hogwarts, and it’s going to be a big one. New teachers, new textbooks, and a whole new conspiracy featuring campus badboy Draco Malfoy all come together to give Harry plenty on his plate this year. But, as Harry attempts to unravel the numerous problems that now comprise his life, he’ll discover just who exactly he can trust, and who he may never see again. Check out the trailer. Considering Harry’s got enough time in at Hogwarts to get a master’s degree in most places, will it prove to be time well spent? Or do you think this is one wizard who should’ve been expelled long ago? Hit the comments section and tell us what you think, and thanks for watching. Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Helena Bonham Carter Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie trailer is provided by Warner Bros. Pictures. Movie opens in US theaters on July 15th, 2009


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Official Movie Trailer”
  1. xocrazylilstar says:


  2. kirsenx30 says:

    although the last movies were a lot different than the books, they were still some of my favorites because they were quite well done and really captured how dark of a world Harry lives in. I also appreciate how the David Yates (the director) tried to make a different identity for the movies than the? books by changing them a little.

  3. germancastro1000 says:

    @jakenblat stop trying to get? attention

  4. HarryPotter1256789 says:

    expelled!!!!! Yes? And No

  5. fizisharry1234 says:

    amazing? series!!!!!

  6. 1999Christen says:

    awesomeness trailer ever except for deatthly hallows? trailer gonna go watch half blood prince Right NOW! :D

  7. hockeyfan202 says:

    @irongut12345 HEY, hey, hey, hey….We killed Bin Laden, your? welcome.

  8. jakenblat says:


  9. TheKoolKid6661 says:

    “It’s Over”?

  10. bcroker1 says:

    He is a great wizard and should never? be expelled

  11. lightandbeautiful says:

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    A person does not need religion, hatred or any kind of phobia in order to acknowledge important, qualitative differences? between heterosexual attraction / behavior / marriage / adoption and homosexual attraction / behavior / marriage / adoption.

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  12. YxtreaM says:

    @MrStijn2011 no? he dont! :S

  13. CoolLassy says:

    did i hear? someone shout CHILLIE!!!! in the trailer?

  14. ranakhan32 says:

    These girls are freakishly hot, there’s a freaking samurai made out of metal, dragons , guns, explosions, This film has EVERYTHING!? I really gonna see this at sitemoovis.co.cc now!

  15. markscool33 says:

    @MrsKaulitsLautner no let say the books and movies are both better okay?

  16. Harratot33 says:

    This was the best moive ?

  17. 100bigears says:

    watch this XD XD XD? XD XD /watch?v=KfgISuBHAG0

  18. MrsKaulitsLautner says:

    the? books will always be better than the movies..no matter what book ot movie it is

  19. 0neofthem says:

    i hate that bitch in? the beginning and end.

  20. jarvisarena says:

    no!!!!! it’s almost the? end of harry potter

  21. MtrenchLoverrr says:

    I love Snape!
    and? mmmmm.. Malfoy (LL)

  22. aperson30 says:

    fuck you? spammers

  23. jellyfex says:

    draco malfoy ftw? :D

  24. gigas94 says:

    Rule? 14 guys.

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