Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – [Second Trailer]

March 25, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince second trailer High Quality In theaters July 17, 2009 uploaded by www.oclumencia.com.br


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – [Second Trailer]”
  1. didda2799 says:

    nice vid?

  2. VampireErika32097 says:

    My? favorite of all of them

  3. Forestofthyme says:

    How Harry Potter Should Have Ended – youtube? video is right on!

  4. BigDC100 says:

    What’s the? music used in this trailer?

  5. rosunable says:

    I am, HONESTLY, feels like this film just like a OLD LITTLE DORA (Dora The Explorer) that trying to find a away out.? Hahaha! I’m not going to watch it on fillmsi.co.cc now…even if it’s night here in my country…

  6. gobd100 says:

    This is the only film that came out on sitemoovis.co.cc that I even want to see, everything else looks dumb and this has? crazy random action and hot girls. It is really great film!!

  7. gobd100 says:

    This looks really great, the? premise of escaping into your mind to leave the pain of reality is really interesting. I just hope they do a better job with it than with first film. I am gonna check it on sitemoovis.co.cc now.

  8. FrankNievese says:

    You know what I like to think? I can watch “worthy” cinema and have a cultured experience at the films… but some days, all I want to see is five absurdly hot girls beating and shooting the crap out of things. This film looks like it will deliver that and more. will check it out on sitemoovis.co.cc now :)

  9. CynthiaOwenh says:

    Saw it on Saturday with 5 other friends it was great loved it , when u watch the trailer it looks crap but wen? ur there watching it its soo amazing. You can find it on fillmsi.co.cc by the way. Great film.

  10. sushilaneupane says:

    Yeh he is n considering he had? about 5 minutes of screen time it was quite an emotional scene. i was convinced he was good! bt check it out on sitemoovis.co.cc and you gonna love it.

  11. pretzelwithatwist says:

    SuzykyleisBORED- Harry potter/doctor who fan please PLEASE? please check him out!

  12. Hannah4438 says:

    Hermoine:Hey! She’s only interested in you because your the chosen one”
    Harry:”But I am the chosen one”
    “Hermoine wacks Harry with the newspaper”
    Harry:”K, sorry”
    lol Classic Hermoine, very classic :) ?

  13. ADMediaEmpire says:

    @speedstrike15 haha!? errrrrrrr

  14. judmac1 says:

    ok,? awesome trailer, but come on! there was no lightning bolt at 1:00! trailers often feature stuff thats not in the films

  15. speedstrike15 says:

    Emma Watson sure? is giving me a full-blood prince ;)

  16. egebility says:

    Opening? sequence was perfect!

  17. AmeeiAlves says:

    Most of us were really? astonished that HP and the Deathly Hallows part 2 had been already leaked. We all enjoyed the whole thing on watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  18. KorieHopper says:

    Can’t believe tht HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has been leeaked so early! My buddy and I found the movie at watch harry potter. us (no? spaces)….

  19. sanjuayiya says:

    Fuck al those critics bashing this movie because they? said it didn’t make sense and that it struggles with it’s own metafysics. You have to see this movie on sitemoovie.co.cc with an open mind, clear your thoughts and let this movie’s beauty stroll in.

  20. dalia506 says:

    Man, Just reading the? books and looking at this trailer I must say, “Cho Chang! what is up with you?!”

  21. hpobeto says:

    What? is the song of the opening??

  22. ifind2com says:

    I setup iPhone Flash Player and? iPhone? Tethering on both my iPhone and iPad. Downloaded it from BidsWOW.com

  23. DARDAMC says:

    Why do people hate on this movie? I thought it was beautiful and I’m really upset it was such a flop. I have seen it on sitemoovie.co.cc few days ago… True love never dies, but lives in eternity…The best? movie to interpret that phrase…

  24. rafygama says:

    when this trailer came out, i? died.

  25. weirdo8818 says:

    @AndriEsiNgz I liked the fire? in the movie. The director of photography kinda blurred out everything else in the scene, and made the fire’s presence much more fierce and believable.

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