Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work_Part 2 of 7

March 26, 2012 by Chelsy  
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In the final installment, all four of the Queen’s children talk frankly for the first time about their working roles as part of the Royal Family. The younger generation are also seen to be getting involved. There’s an early-morning surprise for the residents of an inner-city hostel when they come down to breakfast and find Prince William making the coffee. Prince Harry attends a strategy meeting for his African charity, Sentebale. And we see what happens when all the family turn up for a very proud moment at Sandhurst.


24 Responses to “Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work_Part 2 of 7”
  1. NicoleTirona says:

    Funny ignorant boy at 4:13…. What do they do? The mystique of England’s monarchial history (and whoever the incumbent Royal Family is)? helps bring in TOURISTS, and that contributes to the economy. (That’s just? one little aspect, hopefully simple enough for this cocky child to understand…)

  2. NicoleTirona says:

    Hehehehe :D Nice? one :D

  3. 19thSFGA says:

    Get rid of? the royals and all England has left is bad weather !

  4. roxyqueen2 says:

    @vikingsbeard I wouldn’t say foreign aid is a waste of our budget, but the ridiculous amount they? spend on nuclear arms etc. is such a waste. But you’re right, the monarchy is only a very little part of it.

  5. roxyqueen2 says:

    They’re like a fantastic little time capsule for the UK. I’m 19 but I don’t think we? should get rid of them- it’s like a part of our national pride and heritage.

  6. mmmmmvodka says:

    That Republican was stupid too. American LEFT Britain because of how the monarchy treated us. And many lives were lost. Like we would ever take them back. I? just wish his friend who he had asked that question to would have reminded him of American history.

  7. mmmmmvodka says:

    That young kid obviously doesn’t see what the British monarchy brings to that country. As an American, when I first visited England, I visited the royal palaces and all the other places related to the monarchy. They bring? in money. Tourist money. If you get rid of the monarchy, then you take that money away. That kid needs to wake up and smell the money.

  8. etniesandvans says:

    I have met and? saluted prince Charles

  9. suzy8512 says:

    I think it’s funny people complaining about the monarchy, yet the majority of the UK population voted in a pair of ponces who have messed up this country!! So to be honest the Monarchy does not effect you, the government effects u. And i’m guessing the majority of people who complain about the monarchy probably voted in bill & ben and therefore need to look closer to home. We have always had a? monarchy and I pray we always will!! God Save The Queen!!

  10. vikingsbeard says:

    who cares what the monarchy spends, the government wastes more money in one day than the monarchy does in a year, the biggest one is europe, then its foreign aid, eg india they have there own space programme, why do they need foreign aid, afghanistan, as soon as britain and all the other countries forces leave afghan, it will all be for nothing, nothing will ever change in afghan waste of money, ive made my point so stop slagging the monarchy, the government wastes more money, be angry at? them

  11. TheAinsleyShow says:

    Right, and a British, and as a taxpayer I think the royals are simply a load of shit. All they do is? go around and see people and see how they’re doing, not that hard!

  12. Honeybabymarie says:

    @Raphael42589 im from american but if you watched alot these videos you relise they give ALOT to charity also, our government does given anything to charity, WE pay? for welfare.

  13. szqsk8 says:

    Being an American I don’t fully understand Royalty per se but when I think of? England I think of Royalty. I don’t think it should be abolished.

  14. bigcoolviking says:

    @mak34237 UK monarcy are actually Saxe Coberg Gothe A germanic family who have a pure ancient Babalonian? hybrid bloodline. Nearly every single president of the USA are related to UK royalty…. They are all Masonic Global ellite- do some research start wth (Youtube) JFKs final speech against secret society’s the one that got him killed, then try Bill cooper lectures. Aaron Russo. they killed them both too! run the FED world bank all TV networks and hollywood. Presidents are puppets!

  15. psingh135 says:

    @Raphael42589 While that’s true, I think the bigger issue is the fact that the monarchy is hereditary and conveys old ideas of divine right and superiority not conducive? to an egalitarian society. For example, with the US, people ELECTED Barack Obama and can vote him out of office. Additionally, his daughters are not about to be made the heads of state of the country simply because they are his daughters and his blood flows in their veins. To me, the principle of monarchy is the problem.

  16. meinghost says:

    @8:06: Right from childhood, Americans are? told stories about past absolute powers that people ran away from in Europe & how a war was fought with an English monarch so as to gain the independence & freedom which they see today. So they have subliminal beliefs that a monarchy is anti-democratic and wouldn’t work in the US. It is therefore wrong to assume that they hate it. They just ain’t sure how it will fit into the US system, and that’s the only reason the Americans he interviewed said NO.

  17. engnca says:

    i think what the new generation have an issue with is why does one family get to be royal???? the british royal family are german who changed their surname after the war to keep in with the winning nation, so lets assume the nazis won the war, the royal family would have kept their? german surname and sided with them, very british indeed, and why the titles? king, queen, princes, their just people, like you and me, unfair world, it needs changing

  18. theone1087 says:

    The first time the press is allowed to question God ordained monarchy, that signals its doom. Monarchy is the best system of governance when monarchs are national arbiters or absolute rulers. I say this regretfully a dual-US citizen, where every 4 to year 8 years we have to go through a change of policy and turmoil.? It would be nice to have perpetuity and people in the nation united under one figurehead. Institute monarchy if you want to unite society and democracy if you want to sow division.

  19. MatildaMoss64 says:

    Why is the public’s opinion the royal family doesn’t work or serve a purpose? They have no private life & they raise a tremendous amount of money for worthy causes.?

  20. mahler71 says:

    I’m not a monarchist but if it’s true they make more money for the country than they spend I think we should keep them.They also make our country seem more interesting abroad. I? live in Italy and they’re always very curious about the Royal family.Plus it’s nice to think someone actually lives in all these great castles and palaces. It ‘s something to make you dream.

  21. BritishTrekkie952 says:

    Any Republicans watching, please nip over to CCPGrey’s youtube channel and look for “The True Cost of the Royal Family”, which explains how the? royal family actually lowers our taxes.

  22. planetcopstories says:

    £62.00 hahahahahahahaaaaaa right on time? Sir.

  23. shanksy67 says:

    @mak34237…….furthermore there are much more prosperious nations, such as the united states which have a higher rate of tourism yet have no monarchy, all the monarchys current duties could be easily replaced. She is? head of military by name alone, the monarchy plays no active part in strategy, the historical connection and significance may be strong but not justifiable enough to merit the monarchys existence. Britains problem is that it worships an old institution that is redundant.

  24. shanksy67 says:

    @mak34237 my thoughts are: I want to live in a liberal, progressive, representative democracy and not as you suggest an absolute monarchy. Hereditary difference is completely against all those principles of representative government. Britain is no longer great partially because it still? practices outdated royal conventions. The royal family don’t know what it is like to be poor, to be working class, to be self sufficient so as the title head of state they have no substantial purpose……….

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