Pre Royal Wedding ALL GUESTS hosted by HRH Queen Elisabeth

March 28, 2012 by Chelsy  
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With the occasion of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, HRH Queen Elisabeth hosted a lavish red carpet pre wedding dinner at the Mandarin Oriental, London. The dinner was attended by royal figures such as the Royal families of Spain, Greece, Serbia, Sweden, Belgium Denmark and Luxemburg.


4 Responses to “Pre Royal Wedding ALL GUESTS hosted by HRH Queen Elisabeth”
  1. TheCoastguard01 says:

    Its “Elizabeth” not Elisabeth. My aunt was named after? her .

  2. salviati says:

    @mgirl1978 Thank you, mgirl. You are so right. I checked the? Google images of Lady Anson, and it is indeed she. Much appreciated! :-)

  3. salviati says:

    Who is the? woman with the reddish hair who greets most of the arriving guests, embraces them and curtsies to many of them? Thank you.

  4. Madonnadevotedfan says:

    Queen Elizabeth II
    is Her Majesty not Her Royal? Highness she is a Monarch not a Princess.

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