Prince Charles and Diana’s death

March 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Prince Charles and Diana’s death


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  1. HotPinkBrightOrange says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Camilla’s daughter – Laura Parker? Bowles’ husband has been cheating on her from day one, constantly pursued by an unrelenting? whore? How would Camilla feel about this? Think she’d like it? It would be so interesting to see Camilla’s reaction to a situation THAT MIRRORS HER OWN BEHAVIOURS. Poetic Justice!!

  2. playfulcinda says:

    @Tanzanite800 Indeed, he also did it? to save his own skin and that of the neglectful royal family.

  3. Tanzanite800 says:

    @oneeyed86 More like he did it for? the press.

  4. leyaseen says:


  5. jemish16 says:

    He loves his? sons. And they him.

  6. Mermaid1962 says:

    @adelgado75 He was living in? South Africa and probably didn’t get to Europe until much later that day.

  7. HotPinkBrightOrange says:

    @17shinhwa No he didn’t, he did it because he was aware of how the public wanted to draw and quarter him for his initial reaction of ignoring the fact? that his sons had just lost their mother. Not a word of it was mentioned at church the morning the boys were told their mum died. They didn’t even say a prayer for Diana. He should be lynched.

  8. xda1807 says:

    Unfortunately, Charles has repeatedly demonstrated he is his own worst enemy; with his selfishness and disclosure of his unacceptability together with most distasteful aspects of his private life. He could simply? have said nothing, but chose to make the vile ‘TAMPAX telephone call’ and divulged he was an adulterer on television. Making public details of his prostitute camilla, in an attempt to ‘soften’ her obvious tarnished image has been unsuccessful, as people are not fooled by this ‘spin’!

  9. MissLolipopist says:

    without charles,we never will know? who is lady diana

  10. TheJimbojetset1 says:

    3.09 couldnt give a toss throws some one? rememberance card onto the tarmac

  11. adelgado75 says:

    Why was it not Diana’s brother who went to? Paris to bring her body back to England?

  12. obiwonkenblowme says:

    56.? omg famas with bayonets!!!

  13. clwgirl510 says:

    Diana truly lives on through her sons…. Such fine young men they have turned into. They are definitely much more like their mother than father. I? know Diana is very proud of her sons, and I believe Diana would have loved Kate.

  14. 17shinhwa says:

    He still? had symphatic for Diana..

  15. szqsk8 says:

    Charles appeared to care? out of guilt and not love for her.

  16. anakmudajaman says:

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  17. Ondelendo says:

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  18. bebeheuy says:

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  19. imegatrone says:

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  20. bundawartini says:

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  21. covarm says:

    when I think about Diana’s death the only thing I think about is William and Harry if the royal family? care or not about Diana it truly doesnt matter to me as far as they had shown support and love to her kids maybe the queen, charles and all the other royals didn’t or did like Diana I don’t know but the ones that needed their family were her kids if they were fine and got over it that’s everything that matters I really love Will and Harry I think Diana is extremely proud of them wherever she is

  22. MrCigarette456 says:

    There all hipocrites they? killed her.

  23. AthenaAmbrosia says:

    The only reason Charles went to “bring Diana home” was all for show. He didn’t do it out of duty, he didn’t even make a point of having her death brought up in church service the day she died, her poor sons sat through church thinking of their dead mother. The populous was furious for? the lack of empathy & compassion from the royal family & this ALONE was the reason he got his ass on his personal plane to bring her body home. He wasn’t alone, Diana’s sisters were there too. NO kudos for Charles!

  24. Harji256 says:

    Wrong choices, wrong crowd hurt both of them very much. I for one certainly feel that this not either one of them expected to happen; to hurt their childern. In the end that is what had happened. You got to admit that he did a great job as father and let them grow as their mother would have wanted to. So deep inside? him she still lives. Who are we to judge. Yes, I would have loved to see them two toghether and be happy as William and Kate. Then again it is a lesson learned for all of us.

  25. gaybondboy says:

    Notice the Président? Chirac was here and his wife.

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