Prince Charles and family in Kensington Palace Gardens

March 14, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Prince Charles and family in Kensington Palace Gardens


25 Responses to “Prince Charles and family in Kensington Palace Gardens”
  1. Erophia says:

    William…? Look at You… YOU SO FUNNY

  2. Erophia says:

    Both prince full? of love heh…

  3. emmastonekewl says:

    when kate and william have their children,? there will be an arranged photocall exactly like this one, to introduce the future heir to the world.

  4. StfuMia says:

    that that that that? that

  5. Ale502703 says:

    what is he saying? lol?

  6. beegell says:

    sooo cute!

  7. amateurdramatics says:

    @FrauKaulitz1 It’s all part of being a Royal, and this was an arranged photocall – nothing like the rabid paparazzi of today. If Charles didn’t want it (and the money/protection that comes with it),? he could have renounced his title.

  8. Lucciana27jan2009 says:

    Princess DIANA was MURDERED by MOSSAD! Also MOSSAD CREATED A GREAT SWINDLE: On May 13, 1981 J.P.II & COOPERATORS ONLY ACTED: J.P.II was WOUNDED! EVIDENCES on 2 PHOTOS in films: “Pope Assassination Attemppt” by “NewsbugAZ” at 3:40 – 3:50; “Who is behind the shooting of John Paul II ?” by “romereports”? at 0:14 – 0:15. There are TOO MUCH BLOOD on J.P.II’s RIGHT HAND to BE ALIVE after MINUTES & NOT A BLOOD TRACE of A WOUND on HIS WHITE CLOTHES & J.P.II REMOVED HANDS instead to KEEP HANDS on A WOUND!

  9. madchaoslover says:

    whatever happened? to his hair???

  10. sharz6 says:

    he’s sooo cutttee <3?

  11. deb90566 says:

    @jisellediosa He was about to turn 2? years old.

  12. mileyandhayden1418 says:

    @jisellediosa 2years?

  13. herafan5 says:

    My teacher once said? that the Royal Family owes it to Diana or else their children’s children would continue being plagued by ugly genes…I have to say I agree.

  14. jisellediosa says:

    how old is prince? william in this vid?

  15. 2010dispencer says:

    she had already had affairs? by this point? Father of Harry?

  16. FrauKaulitz1 says:

    It must be so strange to go out for a family walk in your own garden and? so many people taking photos of you. I mean, Charles is playing with his child, like any father would do, but so many photographers want to take a photo of this

  17. lauraaa1821 says:

    he seems to be fascinated with the word ‘dats’ hahaha, bless him he’s so cuteee? xx

  18. wildcherryspray says:

    @dontreallycare3 he is saying? “thats” as in what is that ? I think its really clever as he was only a little baby

  19. kdotson92 says:

    Nice comb? over Charles

  20. Elliebet says:

    So cute. It sounds like William keeps saying “That’s?” and Prince Charles answers with? each new word.

  21. reynabakeks says:

    Love love? love! <3

  22. sSsudeshna says:

    @whatdhellusername I agree?

  23. one4all1000 says:

    @dontreallycare3 PS meant to say it’s because he? wants to know what something is. :)

  24. one4all1000 says:

    @dontreallycare3 He’s saying that. Or as babies usually say it Dat, they usually pick it up from when mum and dad say what’s that. My daughter drove me made for 9 months from12months on wards, constant that or Dat? as they so often say it. lol.. brings back memories

  25. nicajhane says:

    Aww. Prince William looking fascinated, confused and curious.?

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