Princess Diana on William’s 1st day at Eton

March 10, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Diana, Prince Charles, and Harry escort William for his 1st day at Eton. After William signed the school pupil registration book, the family posed for photos. September 6, 1995.


25 Responses to “Princess Diana on William’s 1st day at Eton”
  1. OdetteValmont says:

    Diana looking as fabulous as? always…

  2. ilovecelebs9 says:

    I swear someone shouted at ‘BIG? EARS’ at Charles

  3. iLovePrincessDiana36 says:

    @blueskyhighblue- That’s awful? how it began for those without, but is now exclusively for the rich. Thank you for sharing that knowledge with us. I never knew that.

  4. blueskyhighblue says:

    To many people in Britain,the name Eton is synonymous? with privilege and wealth,but the fee-charging school did not start out that way.In fact,when it was founded in 1440 by King Henry ?,it was a charity school for low-income students with high potential.Over time,though,the focus changed,and Eton became known as the training ground for Britain’s elite,producing 19 British prime ministers and a myriad of leaders in other fields.

  5. pontedupre007 says:

    Genes pass down to the next generation. We don’t know if Prince William? is going to do the same thing his father did to Princes Diana. Remember he invited his former girlfriends to his wedding. Those are his ” Camillas.” Stay tuned.

  6. Ale502703 says:

    the perfect? family (without Charles)

  7. Ale502703 says:

    WOW she would never miss? her son’s first day of school! she was a super mom

  8. DisneylandFunGirl says:

    Big? ears at 2:17 LOL Stupid charles deserved that

  9. missroyaltyful says:

    Two years later on the? same day was Diana’s funeral:(

  10. swe3t23 says:

    awww princess diana being to affectionate? to harry

  11. harrywaleslover5 says:

    when harry saw dianna push? in williams chair harry pushed in his omg ily guys

  12. pinkvespa95 says:

    This was posted? on my birthday :D

  13. dannyalhakmi says:

    in? 2:17 a person shouts idiot

  14. rahaf13 says:

    amazing? quality !! i love them <3

  15. SuzLa1 says:

    I remember when Charles came to my? town. The photographers were vile people and shouting insults to anybody in their way so they could get their pictures.

  16. timdivine says:

    Is? it me or was Prince Charles not there as well?

  17. 1234blahluv says:

    So cute how Harry? follows Diana everywhere she goes!

  18. theoutcastparade says:

    ahaha, omg. i was dying when i heard TARDIS-like sounds from this video? when they were walking out of the school (around 1:00 or earlier). xD

  19. mileyandhayden1418 says:

    @missisfreddiemercury same,? i still do…hair isn’t everything…lol…

  20. oicwhatyoudidthere says:

    I? didn’t know William’s left-handed (not that it matters)

  21. 2010dispencer says:

    what happened to her again?
    did you hear someone? shout “big ears”?

  22. zhofia says:

    thumbs up if you’re? left handed just like Wills !! I am ! :)

  23. Vooduful says:

    @jojolocoloco Well when? u got a mama as sexy as Diana im pretty sure you would try to get every chance you would get. And he also has some big ass bragging rights to follow up on that.

  24. Brenda2OOO says:

    I miss Diana. :’(?

  25. paisleyyama says:

    For such a fancy school they had such a cheap pen. Amazing. I thought they`d have a fountain pen or something. Also looking over these videos in the past one thing caught my eye was we all know Di loved her boys but I never thought of Charles but he`s always involved & seems to have a good comfortable relationship w/the boys. He even knew their fav. toy when Di did? not in one video.

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