Princess Diaries 2: Finding a Prince

March 28, 2012 by Chelsy  
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this is my fav part of princess diaries 2, when they show prince william=]


25 Responses to “Princess Diaries 2: Finding a Prince”
  1. CantStayAway says:

    Love this part.:)

    And I was just thinking about this today…I’m pretty sure that was the first gay joke in a Disney? movie.:P:P:)

  2. hellokitty3081 says:

    William? looks so hot in that pic!!!

  3. chibichan18 says:

    Am I the only? who was actually voting for Andrew? Yeah, I know. Just me….

  4. amberdragon8 says:

    Harp,? Poetry, Dressage, Opera, Liberace Memorabilia?

  5. dottiedots221 says:

    Prince William! :D

    “Right? on” XD

  6. TheEleventhElven says:

    Williams looks like an evil chipmunk =D Pear popcorn =D? Sorry Mia, Kate gets William. Henry is better looking though.

  7. HP5crazy says:

    Prince William does look mighty? fine in that picture! :D

  8. jonas4evaeva says:

    i just love to? look at him too :)

  9. leorabk says:

    @somepersonx1x1 he wasnt? hott then lol

  10. somepersonx1x1 says:

    well then, they should have included harry. she? would have defffff chose him and he’s not in line for the crown…

  11. chaoticallytootsie says:

    everyone? now likes Prince Harry because he’s the only available good looking prince

  12. iLoveVnJB says:

    @laxgurl971 Exactly what I thought!? :)

  13. laxgurl971 says:

    They should have put harry? in that mix. (But william looks HOT in that picture)

  14. arianedenisesite says:

    weeeeell prince william is pretty hot in that pic? ..

  15. iTube543 says:

    Prince William USED to be the very good? looking one… now everyone likes Prince Harry ‘cos he’s the charismatic one.

  16. freakwithareason says:

    watching the? wedding O.o yeahhh he’s still got it :-)

  17. amsardina11 says:

    Right? on! Love this movie and Prince William

  18. ThePrincessBrideGirl says:

    @luvbeth right on?

  19. Wolfguurl says:

    “Yes! Oh Yes I-I-I absolutely? accept!” Haha Prince William is hottttt.

  20. OneOfThoseAngels says:

    Haha 1:02!?

  21. elkeneto says:

    why prince? Harry is not on the list..?

  22. missbean1997 says:

    This is my favorite part? to!

  23. Broadwaygirl01 says:

    My favorite scene in the? movie!

  24. showersinger34 says:

    “right? on!”

  25. coynie3 says:

    he’s cute
    hmmm…his boyfriend? thinks he’s handsome also
    Right ON!

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