Royal family of England – 8 grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth

March 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Peter and Zara Phillips, prince William and prince Harry of Wales, princess Beatrice and princess Eugenie of York, Luise and James Winsdor. Queen Elizabeth II.


25 Responses to “Royal family of England – 8 grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth”
  1. Divinalavinia says:

    EU gostei desse vidio;São pessoas previlegiadas por DEus deve ser por isso que o mundo está em paz.Deus colocou as pessoas certas nos lugares certo. eu desejo que contnue assim? e que os chefes dos países continem lutando pela paz.

  2. mollysangelique says:


  3. hairyscotman says:

    beautifully done!? thanks!

  4. MsBenaria says:

    o que não gosto da realeza britânica – reinado ELIZABETH II é o fato da coroa não conseguir dar realeza ao povo – o fato da princesa Kate ser uma plebéia em pleno sol da realeza me causou espanto!!! Para mim plebeu é? o que chamamos o povo sem o teto real sem Rainha! POR ISSO TENHO CLAMADO PARA QUE A COROA BRASILEIRA VOLTE A BRILHAR E REINE E SEU SOL TRANSFORME O POVO PLEBLEU EM POVO REAL ONDE A VOZ DO POVO É A VOZ DE DEUS POR INTERMÉDIO DA RAINHA!

  5. normalil says:

    @brousseaua I do believe that the daughter had surgery to correct her strabismus. (Squint.) ?

  6. TeTawhito says:

    Hope they all get killed by a muslim.?

  7. popazz1 says:

    What is it with this fascination over the kids’ eyes,lol.I’m pretty sure the earl & countess have it under control.?

  8. BrianISGOD1 says:

    the world is starving. The queen of england is doing all destruction and starvation. She works for us. She has all our money. This family tree are NOBODY. Nothing. Not more important than anyone. The queen did not make the earth. God did and all food and water was FREE. Do your damn homework. THese? people deserve what people who commit treason deserve. I pray it happens in the name of JESUS whom they are obsessed with. I’ve got TONS of proof. on my chan

  9. jroldan4 says:

    135 Prince William and? his stepmother .

  10. badeesh says:

    hope they not? goonna divorced lol

  11. Kailaa3 says:

    @brousseaua Lady Louise suffers from Exotropia. I? am not sure about James.

  12. Kailaa3 says:

    @LoveYamachan Now, the complication of royal styles and titles not being my area of expertise, I don’t think that Zara or Peter are techincally a prince or princess since they? were born to a woman with nobility and not a man.

  13. Kailaa3 says:

    @LoveYamachan Technically, yes, she is a princess but her parents wanted their children styled as the children of an Earl and Countess, not as the children? of a Prince. I think common speculation is that they will never be looked after by the “public purse” (like Peter and Zara aren’t titled at the request of their parents) and it will be simpler for them to go on about their lives with less notable titles.

  14. LoveYamachan says:

    i? wonder…isn’t louise technically a princess? they preferred her to be called as a lady to keep her privacy or something…?

  15. razzledazzle2006 says:

    That’s a great picture of Harry kissing ER? at 5:26. God Bless Elizabeth Regina!

  16. RAINEY786 says:

    At 2:26 you can totally see Princess Diana in Prince Harry’s? smile !!!

  17. SuperAnnieOakley says:

    It appears both of? the children have crossed eyes, I’m suprised they’ve not had their daughter’s eyes corrected by now. Most docs would agree if the daughter’s eyes haven’t corrected its’ self by now, they would operate to correct it

  18. missgoldengirl18 says:

    5:00 – 5:02 is adorable? ;) )

  19. missgoldengirl18 says:

    1:49 is soo? cute ;}

  20. eslovia says:

    Harry is the best, the most natural? and lovely

  21. alyxxdria says:

    @kayseygrace12345 They’re supposed to produce an heir and a spare as quickly as? possible, which may be why they had them close together and why they have two and not, say, three kids.

  22. KHepfan11 says:

    @brousseaua Louise has an eye disorder called exotropia. Her parents chose not to let her have surgery to treat it a few? years back.

  23. 07navyblue says:

    We all know “BEATRICE” is? the Queen’s favorite…

  24. viera1963 says:

    @brousseaua I knew about the girl, but I didn’t notice the boy…yes, he seems to suffer from the same thing. I read that they refused to let Louise have surgery which I guess is natural if they’re afraid of the effects of anesthesia. I believe she just wore a patch? over the strong eye to force the weak one to work harder which isn’t as effective as surgery.They pretty much just kept her out of the public eye until Prince William’s wedding.Maybe she’ll get the operation now that she’s older…

  25. 91kduell says:

    @twilightpri1994 not really she’s not a grandchild and william is not the? first grandchild to marry either. Peter phillips is married and has a daughter.

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