Russell Howard’s Good News – The Queen drunk

March 2, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Prince William and Kate to get married so the Queen orders 300 bottles of champange, I wonder what she’s like drunk?


24 Responses to “Russell Howard’s Good News – The Queen drunk”
  1. fosters131 says:


  2. Tanyatwfan says:

    hilarious fukin hilarious lovin ya russ? ;)

  3. phantom34ish says:

    ye weird

  4. WoodymanTHEJ says:

    “You excited about the? Royal Wedding?”
    “Absolutely not!”
    BRAVO, good sir! Finally, someone said it on tv :D

  5. A5HzManUtd says:

    @DanEvs2013 I knew somet woz different and his? hair

  6. DirtbikingScum says:

    The awkward moment when the top two comments differ only by the? amount of? exclaimation marks!!!!!!!!

  7. FridayEsmeralda says:

    If someone had told me today that I would see Russell Howard doing an imitation? of the Queen getting pissed and rapping the entire first verse of Ice Ice Baby, I wouldn’t have been surprised in the slightest.

  8. buffleblu333 says:

    then he gets? up like nothing ever happened….
    lol gotta love russell ;)

  9. 24iceFrenchToast42 says:

    Did any one else notice his shirt change from red? to the brownish/purpleish shirt??

  10. MarkFarren says:

    How did this? get so many likes?

  11. Chatterboxxh says:

    take me to bed phillip :D ? lol

  12. molloose says:

    @ZzDarKnessHDx Yeah that’s pretty poor? editing tbh

  13. ZzDarKnessHDx says:

    Did anyone else notice his top changed from the start of the video to when he is dancing??

  14. superFrontrunner says:

    what? the hell was 1:00

  15. 03hancod says:

    @mrsraddliffe obviously not otherwise id be a stand up comedian wouldnt i you prat.
    im talking in terms of stand up comedians he is so so poor. im talking the likes of? your franky boyles, your alan carrs, your jimmy carrs and that geeza with the big nose on channel 4.

  16. mrsraddliffe says:

    @03hancod STFU? can you do any better? no

  17. alaswoeisme says:

    How lovely it is to have a monarch you can make fun of and not be beheaded…?

  18. Kodiakgirl49 says:

    What episode what this?! XDDD?

  19. 03hancod says:

    russell howard=not funny?

  20. PenguinGirlxoxo says:

    I was drinking a can of coke when watching this, and now thanks to rus my hoodie and desk and mouse? mat got sprayed from my mouth with coke, he is so fucking hilarious!

  21. DESERTRANGER7 says:

    @krazylolable you mean when? he shouts *Clears throat*

  22. krazylolable says:

    i love it when he does the high voice =]?

  23. Disastrously1Perfect says:

    Hmm…? Can i find the lyrics anywhere??? That’d be awesome… Love Russel Howard

  24. SassandMonday says:

    I showed this to my mother? and she didn’t think it was funny -.- WTF is wrong with her?!?! I love Russell Howard <3

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