The Royal Couple, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit The Calgary Zoo

March 19, 2012 by Chelsy  
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William and Kate visited the Calgary Zoo’s Enmax Conservatory before departing to Los Angeles for a presentation on science and technology. Zoo CEO Clement Lanthier, Board of Trustee Chair Greg Turnbull, Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell, former lieutenant-governor Normie Kwong and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach attended, as did a crowd of royal watchers waving Canadian, British and Alberta flags.


13 Responses to “The Royal Couple, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit The Calgary Zoo”
  1. sockettuem says:

    Being? unfamiliar with the British Monarchy, what exactly is Kate Middletons status? Is she called HRH the princess or simply the Duchess of Cambridge becaue of her common birth? Does she become queen when Williams take the throne or is she the royal consort (or some other title).

  2. 429IDA says:

    Så kul besökte zoo det är nödvändigt lära sig också? stöd.

  3. MrMdjmeredith says:

    Great Video I’m so proud to be British!? These two wonderful people will take the monarchy into the next century, God save the Queen.

  4. carsophieify says:

    Lovely? this Royal Couple. The Best of Monarchy.

  5. wiggyandtee says:

    I like when she signs her name and after writing her first name you can tell she is thinking “Should I add a second? name” and Will gives her a little pat as if to say “Perfect job love”

  6. carsophieify says:

    Fantastic, a great? video, a Great Royal Couple!

  7. pixie1310 says:

    i wanna marry him!!? lol

  8. 1302Viv says:

    How does Kate? sign?
    Before the wedding she signed like Catherine Middleton,but now?
    Problably like just Catherine.

  9. BRDCB says:


  10. totallyoutofit says:

    Yay for Kate! She? looks fantastic! :)

  11. Aniconicx says:

    Fantastic, Thanks? for a video.

  12. 09bea09 says:

    thats me giving Kate the pink flowers they? are very nice

  13. Tele007 says:

    Great video, looks like a beautiful place. THE DUKE AND DUCHESS? SEEM SO NICE!!!!

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