William and Kate – A Royal Engagement Part 2/3

March 30, 2012 by Chelsy  
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BBC: William and Kate – A Royal Engagement, Sophie Raworth narrates the love story of the couple who, one day, will become one of the most famous married couples in the world.


9 Responses to “William and Kate – A Royal Engagement Part 2/3”
  1. nonny687 says:

    ermmm they r the future king? and queen of england? duh

  2. ja0129 says:

    whats so important about this goddamn wedding??

  3. jecka1982 says:

    Aww did anyone see Queen Elizabeths face when William graduated? a typical grandmothers proud? reaction to her grandson! Camilla looked bored out of mind almost as in ‘whens this thing over?!!’

  4. kelizbabes says:

    yeps i? know :)

  5. poodtang1 says:

    On? her father’s side.

  6. kelizbabes says:

    lol i was just gonna comment that but when I read that u already posted the? fact that they r 15th cousins i was like “aww man…lol” haha lol

  7. johnchannetshow says:

    This woman? is a whore.

  8. poodtang1 says:

    William and? Kate are 15th cousins.

  9. laydejayde90 says:

    the sound sync is out!
    how? annoying!

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