A Right Royal Party (Royal Wedding Song)

April 29, 2012 by Chelsy  
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We’re ROY, and we’ve gone and done a Royal Wedding song. We’ve even knocked up a video in the shed. Graham from the golf club helped us. He’s good with that sort of thing. As good Rotarians, we’re giving all proceeds from the sale of the song to The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. Donkeys make us smile. www.justgiving.com/downloadforthedonkeys Please enjoy, ‘like’, share and, of course, donate. Love and peas, ROY x


18 Responses to “A Right Royal Party (Royal Wedding Song)”
  1. robhep1965 says:

    You’re wrong .. songs like? this are what makes Britain Great! Brilliant guys!

  2. ROYalWeddingSong says:

    Delighted to be of help in? educating the ROYs of tomorrow!

  3. twinteire says:

    This is great fun … used it in? my English class!

  4. TheLTTEbuster says:

    Royals are fucking inside? the Palace…Jobless Commoners are Masturbating? on the Pavement ! ?

  5. 2ndSTARMAN says:

    it is planned that willy be the king? of big brother britain and the world. Read the protocols

  6. andyhep says:

    I love this song! And what a fantastic video. Makes? me want to come straight backmto England and have a sausage roll! Nice one boys.

  7. ROYalWeddingSong says:

    OFFICIAL APOLOGY FROM ROY: some of our loyal Irish following (we’re big in Kerry) have pointed out that the map? of GB in the video includes their beloved country. Sorry about that. Digital Graham failed geography O-Level. He’s good on capital cities though.

  8. EPFAgentJetPackGuy says:

    The one with the wierd hat is called “Jay” I? know him because he is my dads friend.

    Cool song!

  9. Barchester100 says:

    get? Ireland out of there

  10. DoSomePeas says:

    Cripes, I stand corrected! I? will punish myself with some excessive pea consumption!

  11. djmattyoung says:

    you make Britain? great!

  12. twinklydog says:


  13. ROYalWeddingSong says:

    You know we’d never shun the mighty pea! They’re present and? correct in the middle bit…

  14. DoSomePeas says:

    Now there’s lovely, but bit upset? that the mighty pea was overlooked!

  15. lucyconnuk says:

    This should be? our Eurovision entry…

  16. bibster23 says:

    Lovely. If only the Queen Mother’s teeth were still alive to witness such regal majesty. Love? from the colonies x

  17. oastdweller says:

    Fabulously ROYalist song from four lovely English boys and? a Serb. Love it.

  18. TRISandSAM says:

    Up The Republic!?

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