BEST RECIPE EVER: Prince William’s Royal Chocolate Groomscake (biscuit cake) Copyright 2011

April 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Royal hostess Blanche (rhymes with launch) shows you how to make the chocolatey confection called lazy cake, or biscuit cake–the same cake Prince William requested at his wedding! She also shares her thoughts about Kate Middleton and Prince William…


23 Responses to “BEST RECIPE EVER: Prince William’s Royal Chocolate Groomscake (biscuit cake) Copyright 2011”
  1. blanchetv says:

    you know the scary thing is this is just from a chocolate high–I can only imagine how much crazier this would? be with some alcohol in the mix lol!

  2. TheDive99 says:

    have you been? drinking?

  3. blanchetv says:

    you just made my day….so glad? you enjoyed it. Next time make an extra one for yourself ! You can freeze it too if you don’t want to eat it all at once ;) Hope your teacher approved!

  4. TheStars713 says:

    I made this for my english project.. and right when I took 1 bite of? this cake, I almost didnt want to share it with anyone else!! So yuummmy :)

  5. blanchetv says:

    you can do it!! :) ? Enjoy!

  6. huhwtf88 says:

    This is adorable, I might actually try this soon? since I’m so bad at cooking/baking but you made this look fun and easy!

  7. blanchetv says:

    if you are vegan or allergic to dairy I suppose you can use almond or coconut milk and boil it for a while until thick (maybe add some cornstarch? to thicken it more) But you must 1) allow the milk to cool and 2) add a lot more sugar because the condensed milk is presweetened. Add powdered (icing) sugar according to taste –maybe at least 4 more tbs. Let me know how it turns out and thanks for watching!

  8. sprinky311 says:

    Can u skip the condensed milk part?? Or substitute it with? smthng?

  9. blanchetv says:

    thank? you–will have more videos up soon! ;)

  10. felicia8086 says:

    love your? shows..thanks for sharing… your hat…

  11. gleeeekable says:

    wow? that looks delicious.

  12. blanchetv says:

    love you guys…just went on? a road trip and we couldn’t stop saying :”we get it” and “freeze bobs” the whole ride! Hope to see an Ed and Moe movie on the big screen someday! ;)

  13. eatsnax says:

    lol? the hat! – mike

  14. blanchetv says:

    you give me another fabulous idea….chocolate? couture, if I could I would fashion a hat out of Nutella too!

  15. blanchetv says:

    and? crackilisciousssssssss!

  16. blanchetv says:

    Thank you? so much! ;)

  17. TheHlokey says:

    You are a cake genius,? and I love your hat! Brilliant.

  18. blanchetv says:

    hmmmmm there’s an idea,? I should try to market this! Thanks ;D

  19. liwaroman says:

    Wow that was amazing, and you are right if it has Nutella it must be as addicting as crack. When you market? this I’ll be the first one to buy it. :) Yummy

  20. kmoniz2010 says:

    What could be better? Chocolate and Couture and the charming Blanche! Thanks for showing us how easy this cake is to ‘make’.? I’m going to try it this weekend.

  21. iaraj1 says:


  22. blanchetv says:

    thank you! What? a sweet comment, glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  23. Linden531 says:

    I feel like not many people know about? you, but your amazing. I prefer your show over everyone else on YouTube. Also you look beautiful :)

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