Birthday Gifts Made for a Queen!

April 14, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Today is the Queen of England’s birthday, so Ellen decided to send her some special gifts — including the perfect hat for the royal wedding.


24 Responses to “Birthday Gifts Made for a Queen!”
  1. whyilee says:

    und was glaubst du woher “stylisch”? kommt?

  2. LovelyNathalia11 says:

    Is? she really related to Kate??!?

  3. eLAhxlove998 says:

    1:14 is nice:? stylisch :D – thats what we┬┤re saying in german :D i love it

  4. ABnormalZUCHINI says:

    have? you noticed that every single ellen video has atleast one comment about homework?

  5. COTEncisFAN1 says:

    So,? DUH? :D

  6. Rosiee80 says:

    yeh .?

  7. loveihu100 says:

    yall that have homework heard of multitask. try it it works?

  8. GasSquadMusic says:

    “DUH” lol?

  9. ADpopstargirl says:

    is she really? related to kate?

  10. shortii131 says:

    if you dont get ur homework done just show ur teacher a vid from? ellen and she willl understand

  11. Jazmyn1001 says:

    Aunt Lizzie (:? lol Ellen

  12. WasabiGreenConverse says:

    Cherrio chex mix I? love you Ellen :)

  13. GIZZEY1000 says:

    Ellen is? soo funny I love her! -3

  14. bloodlust271 says:

    :P ?

  15. simplyGAGAmatic says:

    shouldve given her a shake? weight XD

  16. thelottemf says:

    YAY! Want a? cookie now?

  17. Kaceyy5 says:

    I? love the sheets!

  18. bloodlust271 says:

    OMG my comment is number? one!!!! YAY!!!!!

  19. KeyOfAwesome12345678 says:


  20. Cheyennefirework says:

    Happy birthday cheerio chez mix hahahahaha I love it?

  21. SakuraLuvsWesleyC says:

    omg that’s? totally what i just did!!!!

  22. crazyYELLOWpuppy says:

    Ya they r? cousins

  23. glitterland18 says:

    her 15th cuzn?

  24. JustinBieberFan13611 says:

    ellen is related to kate?????????

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