Catherine Howe ‘Harry’

April 25, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher with special guest Ric Sanders play the acoustic version of ‘Harry’ (Carlin Music) taken from the album ‘English Tale’ (VOCA 1) + + – English Tale is promoted by Pat Tynan Media


25 Responses to “Catherine Howe ‘Harry’”
  1. hannahsark says:

    The vocal trio I’m in have a beautiful cover of this song, we’re called The Thwaitlettes, we’re on here if you search thethwaitlettes or Harry The Thwaitlettes, we’re also on Facebook ‘The Thwaitlettes’ hope you enjoy it and like/subscribe :) ? xx

  2. Exshardender says:

    Beautifully sung, just one problem, should have been called ‘Tony’!. Looking forward to seeing Catherine and Vo in? Coleshill (28 April)

  3. pattynan says:

    No way……stay at Tottenham there is work to do. ?

  4. charlton071 says:

    Who thinks Harry should be the next? england manager?

  5. charlton071 says:

    lmfao @kingyboi69 instead of pearls a singer they should? of called it harry was a winger lol.

  6. kingyboi69 says:

    This? song is about Harry Redknapp!

  7. Thetrackrecords says:

    Beautiful song,? beautiful voice. Totally wonderful.

  8. vritson50 says:

    I was? in love with Harry then, still am to this day,35yrs later.Lost touch but still think about him every day. Val x

  9. pattynan says:

    This is the acoustic version taken from the album English Tale? (VOCA1) with Vo Fletcher and special guest Ric Sanders.

  10. twamley says:

    What a wonderful pure voice Catherine has, the video is lovely too. Is this the original version, I always thought it was accompanied by a piano??

  11. blawah2000 says:

    Tears, this was so touching? x

  12. yvemaria1 says:

    Loved this Song in the 70s.
    Heard it on BBC Radio 2 ,Vanessa Felts Show this Morning.
    It? has bought back all my Memories of 40 yrs ago….Thank Goodness I am not going Senile after all?
    Catherine Howe has the Voice of an Angel.

  13. cornishmaiden says:

    this was played on Radio 2 today… love it… My lil shih tzu? is called Harry… suits him down to the ground!

  14. smokeymtgypsy says:

    I hate to admit this, but I do not remember this song. I am certainly glad I was introduced to it. They must have a lot of talent other than fishing there. I was in Canada some years ago playing at the Ontario? council of Folk Alliance or some such thing. I met a guy there from this area, and he was a very good performer. I was amazed last year at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters festival year when I saw him. However because I am a product of the 70′s I can’t remember his name.

  15. shaftsbury94 says:

    looks a nice? peacefull setting.

  16. SeventiesMania says:

    They still play it on Radio 2? you do surprise me! I remember Jimmy Young and Pete Murray played it loads in about 75, one of the first songs? I ever remember.

  17. TimG771 says:

    Catherine was a? good friend of my sister in the 60s and 70s. She still comes back to her home town of Halifax to visit. This song brings back such happy memories of my childhood when my Sister and her mates used hang around the beefeater coffee bar in Halifax. I am 9 years younger than my sister, so you can imagine that I learnt quite a lot about life at an early age when I used to tag along with them!! Great song Kate!!! xx

  18. thewessexacoustic says:

    catch? cath, vo and ric at wessex acoustic , blandford , dorset this friday 14th jan

  19. poohsmate says:

    Brilliant,? Thanks for posting, not heard this for years, love it!!!

  20. xinspirationsx says:

    Heard part of this song played on the radio, years ago. Didn’t know its title or who sang it, but it’s such? a lovely song, the tune stayed in my mind. Decided to seach for it on Youtube and found it there. Thank you Patty.

  21. Frankieboy1962 says:

    This song is so beautiful….thank you very much? Patty!

  22. parcelman7 says:

    Been looking for this for years, Gets played regularly on Radio 2? but finding the video has been a real treasure hunt. Many many thanks.

  23. wyeme50 says:

    Makes you want to? change your name to Harry

  24. knowhowism says:

    Thank you Paty? for posting this gorgeous song. I’d almost given hope of it ever appearing on You Tub, Love it, love it, love it!

  25. manyemories1950 says:

    While never a major chart hit “Harry“ was a very popular? song song in the mid-70s. It certainly brings back some great memories of times past. Catherine Howe who is not very well known in Ireland is a wonderful singer and sings with great passion and feeling.
    Thanks for posting it.

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