Charles and Diana’s royal wedding procession

April 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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After exchanging wedding vows in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Prince William and Lady Diana walked down the aisle together for the first time as husband and wife.


20 Responses to “Charles and Diana’s royal wedding procession”
  1. VithStudios says:

    She was? beautiful. And she was so inspiring.

  2. brownflowers7386 says:

    Prince? Charles and Lady Diana, I hope you mean!

  3. KellyGreen5555 says:


  4. thepaulabroadcast says:

    i miss? Diana

  5. pinklily62 says:

    HAHA…..good? catch

  6. ShanaG0MEZ says:

    Diiana? ;)

  7. dudeforpals says:

    Now That’s? What I Call a Real Damsel… Princess Diana…!!!

  8. EquivocallyAbsurd says:

    A deer in headlights, the most beautiful sacrificial lamb she was. If giving her life meant true? happiness for her sons she gladly made the sacrifice and would be so pleased and proud of both her sons today. May they both live long and happy lives and always cherish the memories of their Mum.

  9. MrDampkring says:

    Forgot how beautiful she was. Amazing. She? would have been proud today.

  10. AlexLondonDesign says:

    This wedding had a time and a place. The? world changed, and we can not say that Kate was not a vision of perfection… Only thing that confused me was the fact that her SISTER looked like another version of her o.O How odd…

    But Diana was a Goddess… No one can doubt her grace and amazing nature. She truley raised those boys right. The world died a little along with her. She was an amazing gift to the world.

  11. mar1sa1 says:

    willcat wedding was too plain for my liking but? well must be recession

  12. mar1sa1 says:

    just like i? thought too plain

  13. creamyalmondz says:

    I? was really surprised at how simple Prince William’s wedding was compared to Princess Diana’s. Loved the McQueen dress though … I guess the royals are in a recession too or just doesn’t want to show how extravagant they can be.

  14. chanchalasuriya says:

    Couldnt help comparing and see how Diana is so? elegant.

  15. Dustychelsea says:

    After exchanging wedding vows in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Prince William and Lady Diana walked down the aisle together for the first time as? husband and wife.

    Is there some mistake in it?

  16. kokym8 says:

    william’s wedding is not as amazing as this one !
    first the dress is really normal and boring and the entrance in the car was completely boring ! and the chruch entrance is at? the ground no stairs which it is really normal and boring too
    Princess Diana’s Entrance ,Dress,Church with stairs ,Beauty and even the crowd ! Diana’s wedding is really legendary and it’s the BEST royal wedding of all time ! nothing will be like it. that’s the fact that we knew it today
    Princess Diana …No One’s Like U

  17. krisj827 says:

    She was? so beautiful. Miss you Diana!

  18. Merkataratapusatat says:

    Truly a? remarkable wedding.

  19. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    The inauguration of Sarah Palin in 2013 as America’s GREATEST President and the World’s GREATEST leader will be THE MOST significant event in world history and it will usher in a new and greater era in world politics never before seen! The world will celebrate and sing hallelujah in God’s GREATEST GLORY! This royal wedding is? puny and unimportant! We need 8 years? of President Palin and the eternal line of conservative white women presidents and VPs! We WILL become the Palin World Order!

  20. Deadforeva says:

    1st comment bitches D:

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