Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Game Trailer

April 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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The boy wizard returns to Hogwarts for another year of school and battling with the evil forces of Lord Voldemort.


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Game Trailer”
  1. bulls3yebad says:

    i used to play harry potter but then? dovkhiin was born with an arrow in his knee

  2. littlethejman says:

    i agree i beat it once and im like? im not playing that any more i only play the last 2 levels

  3. CIAPATY1995 says:

    6 is one of the better ones so wtf ppl.? 1 and 2 were awesome, 6 was rly good, 7 is okay
    but 3 and 4 are crap

  4. EffectDesignHD says:

    its class music in this video?

  5. LightningRapture says:

    Okay, just wanted to know your? opinion (: just watched harry potter and the deathly hallows pt 2 at the cinema and I just need to get this game,, mainley because you can walk around and explore Hogwarts and the castle, and the whole area is so huge,, the grahpics aint to bad either :p

  6. onedegeneration says:

    hp? 6 has too many into game movies…it;s kinda boring..

  7. LightningRapture says:

    hello :D you said that hp game 5 was ”very good” i havent played that game, so i? was just wondering…what makes hp 5 ”very good” and hp 6 ”shit”?? (:

  8. onedegeneration says:

    3 good
    4 boring
    5 very good
    6 shit
    7 ok…?

  9. TonitaeEvere says:

    Awesome, I cannot believe Harry? Potter 7 has been leaked out on the internet! Watch it now in watchharry.us

  10. AleciaBrin says:

    Couldn’t believe the fact that HP and the Deathly? Hallows Part 2 has been leeaked so early on! My bro and i saw it on watchharrypotter.us!

  11. teatiju says:

    it really did. i played all the games and? i skiped 4th one cause it was too lame.

  12. diako981 says:

    Hp games? ive played
    1 havent played
    2havent played
    3 awesome
    5 awesome
    6crap to short
    7a bit boring

  13. praneettheoutlaw says:

    game 4 totally sucked!?

  14. mymarleyisgone says:

    i only played 3-4-5-6-7 part 1 but i can say that
    3 was good
    4 was crap
    5 was good
    6 was very good
    7 sucked because they got? the basic look of how the game should look but they failed in delivering the goods in every aspect.

  15. MrTote191 says:

    Hp5 did suck,? it was the most boring game ive ever seen.
    especially the list

  16. mar3e4ever says:

    the first and second? games were the best

  17. Krashman101 says:

    0:52 WHAT THE-??

  18. Mogswold says:

    aahh the sweet memorys of playing hp1 lol shame about no 4 tht 1 sucked lol?

  19. Kaksisekuntiaaikaa says:

    In case? u havent noticed they always come out before the movie.

  20. WilliamHaynesTV says:

    Lol? the game came out before the movie?

  21. RobinLandman says:

    isn´t? it in the movie?????

    that would ruïn my day :(

  22. carphone1456 says:

    the books are great and? so is the 5th game

  23. fireglyder says:

    ur? right, The books are the best

  24. fireglyder says:


  25. bestSWfan says:

    Films? suck more than games…The books are the best, but films are not good.

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